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How well do you know the movie My Cousin Vinny?

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What state does the movie take place?
What is the name of the convenience store?
Who plays the character Billy?
Who plays the character Judge Chamberlain Haller
What famous painting is Marisa Tomei's character named after?
What does Vinny continually struggle to get enough of?
What does Vinny repeatedly go to jail for?
What game does Marisa Tomei's character win a bet at?
What was the dollar amount of the bet?
What southern food is Vinny introduced to which later helps his case?
What type of law is Vinny's education/experience in?
What is Vinny's and Billy's last name?
What activity does the district attorney invite Vinny to go do?
What does Marisa Tomei's character have a broad knowledge of?
What caliber of gun was used to kill the convenience store clerk?
What do Billy and Stan originally think they are arrested for?
What animal is making loud noises while Vinny is staying in the cabin?
Where are Billy, Stan, Vinny, and Marisa Tomei's charcter from?
How many fingers is Vinny holding up when questioning witness Constance Riley?
What does Vinny promise to do with Marisa Tomei's character after he wins his 1st case?

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