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What year is the movie set in?
What city is the movie set in?
What is the specific name of the police department featured?
What is the focus of this department on preventing?
What is Tom Cruise's character's name?
What is Tom Cruise's character's police rank?
Who played the character Danny Witwer?
What is the piece of equipment called that is placed on the head of someone arrested?
What color is the ball of the person guilty of the crime?
What are the 3 individuals with special powers referred to as?
What special power do the 3 individuals possess?
What's the name of the female with special powers?
What happened to Tom Cruise's character's son?
What is the name of his son?
How did Anne Lively die?
What is the name of the drug Tom Cruise's character uses?
What product(s) are being manufactured in the factory Tom Cruise's character is chased into by federal agents?
What is the brand name of the product(s) in that factory?
What is the common way people are identified?
What musical instrument is played by the jailer?
What's the name of the non lethal weapons the police officers carry?
What do those weapons cause a person to do?
What immoral act is Sarah Marks participating in?
When Tom Cruise's character goes looking for the inventor of the program he works for, what type of building/structure does he find her working in?
What crime does she accuse him of as he is approaching her?

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