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Who plays Chuck Noland?
Who plays Chuck's girlfriend, Kelly Frears?
Who does Chuck work for?
On what holiday did the plane crash occur?
What is the name of the friend Chuck creates on the island?
Upon building a fire for the 1st time, what song does Chuck sing as he dances around it?
What band wrote this song?
What sport does this friend belong to?
What is the name of Chuck's dentist?
Approximately how many years is Chuck stranded on the island?
What method does Chuck contemplate using for suicide?
What part of Chuck's body does he surgically remove himself?
What does Chuck use to accomplish this task which he also uses as a mirror and cutting tool?
In what ocean is the island Chuck is stranded on?
Chuck uses part a Johnny on the Job for his sail. What city was it made in?
What animal wakes Chuck to realize he is being rescued?
What does Kelly Frears do upon hearing the phone call that Chuck is alive and has been found?
When Chuck visits Kelly after being rescued, he breaks the ice by mentioning what football team?
What does Kelly give back to Chuck upon him leaving her home?
What state does Chuck travel to deliver the package he claims helped saved his life?

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