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Who plays Fletch?
What is Fletch's first and last name?
What alias does Fletch write his newspaper column under?
Who is Fletch's favorite team?
Who does Fletch pretend to be a guest of at the club?
Who plays Fletch's co-worker Larry?
Who does Fletch hate and punch a picture of?
What city does Alan Stanwyk visit often?
The actor who plays Fat Sam is best known for what?
Which president does Fletch pretend to be named after?
What rock star does Fletch pretend to be named?
What children's book character does Fletch pretend to be named?
What type of dog chases Fletch from the real estate office?
What is Alan Stanwyk allegedly dying of?
What are Alan Stanwyk and Chief Karlin involved in?
What industry does Alan Stanwyk work in?
Fletch tries to take Gail's towel because he claims his car hit what animal?
How much did Alan Stanwyk offer Fletch to kill him?
What does Gail hit Chief Karlin in the head with to save Fletch's life?
What city do Fletch and Gail go on vacation to?

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