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Can you name the Game of Thrones Knowledge and Lore From Season 1-7 and ASOIAF

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Who is the King in the North?
Who is the Previous Characters Father?
Who is the Mother?
Who is the Head of Winterfell
In which region is Winterfell situated?
What is the Name of Neds living Brother
Who is the youngest of the Stark Children?
What is the Name of the Septa who teaches the Stark Children
Who is the King at the start of the show?
Who is the Queen at the start of the show
What is the name of their oldest illegitimate child?
Who is the real Father?
Who was betrothed to Joffrey
What was the Name of Joffreys Brother
What is the name of Joffreys Sister
What is the name of the Mother of the Stark Children?
What house did she Belong to before she married Ned?
Who was she promised to before Ned?
Who Travelled to Braavos to become a Faceless Man?
Who saved Bran from being killed in Season 1
Where was Ned Stark Beheaded
Who is the Young Wolf
Who is the Knight of Flowers
Who won the Melee on Joffreys Nameday
Who is the Master-at-Arms in Winterfell (Season 1)
Who is Aryas Travelling companion before she leaves for Braavos
What was the name of the butchers boy Arya was friends with?
What is the name of Aryas Direwolf
Who is Ned Starks Ward
Where did Tywin Lannister set up camp during the War of the Five Kings
What was the name of the battle in which Robb Stark defeated Jaime Lannister?
What is the name of the Wildling taken Hostage by Robb and Theon?
What is the name of Theon's Sister
What is the Region which Theons Family Reside
Who is the First Lord Commander of the Nights Watch
What is the Name of the coward Jon befriends at Castle Black
What is the Name of the Valyrian Steel Sword in Sam's Family
Who was the First King of the 7 Kingdoms
Name the Previous Characters Sisters
Continued from Last Question
Who is the Female Character that was Married to the Dothraki in Season 1
What was this characters Title Whilst she was with the Dothraki
Who is the last characters last living Brother
Who said the line 'Give me 10 good men and I'll impregnate the bitch'?
What was the name given to the event in which Robb Stark and Catelyn Lost their Life
What song was played at said event which made Catelyn Stark suspicious
What does 'Valar Morghulis' Mean?
What does 'Valar Dohaeris' Mean?
What is the name of the Army Daenerys Siezed in Astapor
Who Supposedly built 'The Wall'
When Jon became Commander of the Nights Watch who did he marginally beat?
Who Killed Jeor Mormont
Who is Sam's wilding lover?
Which member of the Nighgts Watch did John Snow kill when captured by the
Who does Jon Snow fall in love with?
Who is the King beyond the wall?
Who cuts off Jaime Lannisters Hand at Harrenhahl
What Material is used to kill White Walkers
What Wildling Clan eat the flesh of their enemies?
Who is the Commander of the Second Suns
Where did the Targaryen family live before settling in Westeros
What was the Poison called which was used to kill Joffrey Baratheon
Who was responsible for Joffreys Death
What Poison was used to Kill Myrcella Baratheon
Who was responsible
Who was Rhaegars betrothed before he married Lyanna Stark
What is the first City seen in Essos?
Who houses Dany and Viserys in Essos?
What Westerosi Knight acompanies Daenerys on her Journey with the Dothraki
What is the Lannisters House Motto
What is the Tyrell House Motto
What is the Tully House Motto
What is the Baratheon House Motto
What Animal is on the Baratheon Sigil
In What region of Westeros is the Citadel Located
In What region of Westeros did Robert Baratheon Kill Rhaegar Targaryen
Who was the last 'Sword of the Morning'
What Animal was originally on the Pommel of Longclaw
What was the name of Ned Starks Greatsword
What is the name given to the faceless man who taught Arya
Who is Tyrion Lannisters **** lover?
What city is Essos is she originally from
Where is Missandei originally from
Who is the commander of the Unsullied
Who did Daenerys take the Unsullied from
Who Kills Balon Greyjoy
What was the Name of Aegon Targaryen's Dragon
What was the name of Rhaenys' Dragon
What was the name of Visenya's Dragon
What is the name given to Visenyas Valyrian Steel Sword
Who is the Three Eyed Raven?
What is Brynden Tully's Title/Nickname
What family did Maester Aemon of the Nights Watch belong too
What house did the Lannister's wipe out before the events pictured in Game of Thrones
What is the Ancestral Home of the Lannisters
What Race lived in Westeros before the First Men
What is the name of the Red Priest who travels with the Brotherhood without Banners
To Which Lord does the Red Priest Serve
Who is the most current commander of the Nights Watch
What Character started rowing in Season 3 and disappeared for 3 Seasons

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