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QuestionAnswerEpisode Name-Season-Number
What is Kramer's name in this episode'The Seinfeld Chronicles'-1-1
In Elaine's dream about Jerry, what were his teeth made of'The Stake Out'-1-2
While investigating the robbery, Kramer tells a man in the building he knows about 'the stuff'. What action makes Kramer suspicious of the man.'The Robbery'-1-3
Kramer has an idea about a restaurant where you can make your own what'Male Unbonding'-1-4
What animal gives Elaine an allergic reaction'The Stock Tip'-1-5
Marlene breaks up with Jerry because she does not respect his career as a comedian. What is her job'The Ex-Girlfriend'-2-1
Who had a pony'The Pony Remark'-2-2
'Master of the House' the song stuck in George's head, is from what broadway play'The Jacket'-2-3
What does George's date, Carol, invite him upstairs for'The Phone Message'-2-4
What does George wear to get women (unsuccessfully)'The Apartment'-2-5
When the statue is finally returned to George, what does he do to it'The Statue'-2-6
What kind of drug does George have a guy for'The Revenge'-2-7
Jerry writes down a joke in the middle of the night that he vaguely remembers from a science fiction movie. Who plays the guy in the science fiction movie'The Heart Attack'-2-8
Jerry gives Elaine $182 in cash for her birthday. What does George give her'The Deal'-2-9
What nationality are the guys who install the cable box for Jerry'The Baby Shower'-2-10
What name does the chinese man call out when looking for George'The Chinese Restaurant'-2-11
Finish Kramer's question to the busboy: 'Como se dice _____' (How do you say ____)'The Busboy'-2-12
Who does Kramer see in Dinky Donuts'The Note'-3-1
What kind of music do Kramer and his girlfriend (Elaine's roomate) listen to'The Truth'-3-2
What causes Jerry to get black eyes'The Pen'-3-3
What terrible movie is the gang supposed to see'The Dog'-3-4
What did Mr. Heyman call George in high school'The Library'-3-5
Kramer carries this around all episode'The Parking Garage'-3-6
Babu Bhatt's cafe is called ______'The Cafe'-3-7
Jerry says girls leaving sexual messages for him is very common in _______'The Tape'-3-8
What is the name of Kramer's mom'The Nose Job'-3-9
A woman is looking for her fiance, when Elaine suggests ______ (quote)'The Stranded'-3-10
What does Elaine feed her elderly boyfriend who is recovering from a stroke'The Alternate Side'-3-11
What does the cleaning lady, who George is sleeping with, get thrown at her as a little girl'The Red Dot'-3-12
Kramer eavesdrops on this tip about a horserace: 'His mother was a ____''The Subway'-3-13
Kramer invents a cologne that smells like what'The Pez Dispenser'-3-14
Kramer takes George's trip to the Cayman Islands instead of him and ends up playing nude backgammon with who'The Suicide'-3-15
What color was the condom George used'The Fix-Up'-3-16
Newman walks by Keith Hernandez after the Mets game and says _____ (quote)'The Boyfriend Part 1'-3-17
Finish the line: 'Jerrrry, you gotta see the _____''The Boyfriend Part 2'-3-18
What are the first names Jerry and George make up for Murphy and O'Brien'The Limo'-3-19
What does Mary Hart's voice do to Kramer'The Good Samaritan'-3-20
What movie does Jerry's girlfriend steal the letter from'The Letter'-3-21
What does Kramer's friend Mike call Jerry'The Parking Space'-3-22
Kramer gets a job on the TV show 'Murphy Brown' as her secretary. What is his name on the show 'The Keys'-3-23
How does George like his covers on his hotel bed'The Trip Part 1'-4-1
Where did Jerry read that a dollar was a good tip for a chambermaid'The Trip Part 2'-4-2
What does Newman trade his helmet to Kramer for'The Pitch'-4-3
Whose name does Kramer shout out while on stand for Newman's ticket'The Ticket'-4-4
When Kramer tells Jerry's parents that Crazy Joe Davola is after Jerry, Helen Seinfeld says: 'How could ______ you''The Wallet'-4-5
What drink does Kramer ask for in Elaine's shrink's office'The Watch'-4-6
What is the misprint on the Trivial Pursuit card'The Bubble Boy'-4-7
What does Jerry say when he tries to talk dirty to Sandra'The Cheever Letters'-4-8
What is on Crazy Joe Davola's tongue when he leaves a message on Jerry's machine'The Opera'-4-9
What is 'the virgin's' name'The Virgin'-4-10
What magazine does George 'use' in his mother's house'The Contest'-4-11
What do Jerry and Tia Van Camp reply to the stewardess's question: 'More anything?''The Airport'-4-12
What part of Kramer's body do the Calvin Klein executives describe as 'sublime''The Pick'-4-13
What kind of comedian is Jerry's annoying peer Pat Buckles'The Movie'-4-14
What does Ping say his cousin Cheryl Fong's nickname is in court'The Visa'-4-15
Where are Elaine's shoes from'The Shoes'-4-16
What is the classic line from this episode about being gay'The Outing'-4-17
Which singer (whose records Newman and Kramer are trying to sell) can't walk down the street in South America because of his cult following'The Old man'-4-18
Elaine asks Sidra in the sauna if her boyfriend ever talks about ______ (because she knows the type)'The Implant'-4-19
QuestionAnswerEpisode Name-Season-Number
What are in all of Roy's paintings (George buys one)'The Junior Mint'-4-20
Who brings Mona back from lesbianism'The Smelly Car'-4-21
The gang buys a big screen television for ______'The Handicapped Spot'-4-22
What does the guy who auditioned for Kramer steal'The Pilot Part 1'-4-23
What organization does Russell Dalrymple join in order to win over Elaine'The Pilot Part 2'-4-24
Kramer takes a bite of out this fruit, which had gone bad'The Mango'-5-1
Jerry's gonna be the first _____'The Puffy Shirt'-5-2
What is wrong with the blind man's glasses'The Glasses'-5-3
What is the sweater that triggers the sniffing made out of'The Sniffing Accountant'-5-4
Who does Kramer discover in the hospital'The Bris'-5-5
What break up line did George invent'The Lip Reader'-5-6
Who is in the yogurt shop with all their co-workers'The Non-Fat Yogurt'-5-7
What file is George given to work on, while at his new job'The Barber'-5-8
Name one of the names Elaine suggests for her boyfriend Joel Rifkin to change his name to'The Masseuse'-5-9
Who is on the cover of the TV guide (also appears in the episode)'The Cigar Store Indian'-5-10
What does Kramer have that is irresistable to women'The Conversion'-5-11
What is a mimbo'The Stall'-5-12
What is George's thick jacket made of'The Dinner Party'-5-13
What brand of golf ball does Kramer use'The Marine Biologist'-5-14
What is the name of Kramer's girlfriend with the long nails who scratches his back'The Pie'-5-15
What is the name of the midget actress Mickey is interested in'The Stand In'-5-16
What actress plays Jerry's fake wife in order to take advantage of the dry cleaning discount'The Wife'-5-17
What is the name of the raincoats Morty Seinfeld invented'The Raincoats Part 1'-5-18
What Spanish dish does Estelle Costanza make in preparation for the Seinfelds coming overThe Raincoats Part 2'-5-19
Who has Eric the Clown never heard of'The Fire'-5-20
When George tries to catch Rachel naked, he barges into the room, but finds her clothed talking to Jerry. George claims he was looking for ____'The Hamptons'-5-21
George wants to do everything opposite so he orders a different meal than usual. Name one thing he orders.'The Opposite'-5-22
What does George suggest they make the Yankee's uniforms out of'The Chaperone'-6-1
What item does Mr. Pitt need Elaine to find at the store (not socks)'The Big Salad'-6-2
What bank are all the checks from that Nana sent Jerry over the years'The Pledge Drive'-6-3
What is odd about Frank Costanza's lawyer'The Chinese Woman'-6-4
What vegatable does Kramer want to put on pizza much to Poppie's objection'The Couch'-6-5
What is the suggested name for the company after Morgan Springs and Poland Creek come together'The Gymnast'-6-6
Where does Jerry take Bania for their 'meal''The Soup'-6-7
How does Mr. Pitt like his pretzels'The Mom & Pop Store'-6-8
Who does Bania have a date with at the end of the episode'The Secretary'-6-9
Where does Ned get blacklisted from'The Race'-6-10
Who reveals Kramer's first name'The Switch'-6-11
Which nation does Kramer call weak while playing Risk'The Label Maker'-6-12
Who is the scofflaw'The Scofflaw'-6-13
What does George find unappealing about his date, Kramer's friend'The Beard'-6-16
Who put Nana in a nursing home'The Kiss Hello'-6-17
What does Kramer fake doing to George to entertain some tourists'The Doorman'-6-18
What song does Mel Torme sing to Kramer'The Jimmy'-6-19
What fruit does Kramer eat that's only good for two weeks'The Doodle'-6-20
What is Frank's 'move' on women (how he got Estelle)'The Fusilli Jerry'-6-21
George thinks Mr. Morgan looks like Sugar Ray Leonard. Who does Kramer think he looks like in his photo, after given the clue: 'not salt but....''The Diplomat's Club'-6-22
Puddy paints his chest instead of his face at Elaine's request. What letter does he paint on his chest'The Face Painter'-6-23
What flavor of Italian Ice does Bette Midler ask for'The Understudy'-6-24
Finish the line from Kramer: 'Do you know what you do at dinner? You talk about ______''The Engagement'-7-1
What day does George want to postpone the wedding until'The Postponement'-7-2
What is the Maestro's real name'The Maestro'-7-3
Who does Kramer promise will hit 2 homeruns to a little sick boy'The Wink'-7-4
What is the name of the marathon runner from Trinidad and Tobago who stays with Jerry'The Hot Tub'-7-5
Finish the line from the street toughs: 'We're taking the armoire and _________''The Soup-Nazi'-7-6
What is the secret code'The Secret Code'-7-7
Kramer's new phone number makes him get wrong number phone calls, so he takes on the role of _______'The Pool Guy'-7-8
The street toughs (Bob and Cedric) are mad that Kramer doesn't want to wear ____'The Sponge'-7-9
What does Kramer eat from 'the silent era' that makes him throw up'The Gum'-7-10
QuestionAnswerEpisode Name-Season-Number
What is the name of the bakery that sells the rye'The Rye'-7-11
Sue Ellen Mischke is the heiress to what candy bar fortune'The Caddy'-7-12
Why does George want to name his child Seven'The Seven'-7-13
Who accuses Morty of embezzling funds'The Cadillac Part 1'-7-14
Finish the line from Marisa Tomei: 'How is it that a man like you so ______ and so _______ and funny, how is it you're not taken?''The Cadillac Part 2'-7-15
What is the showerhead Kramer buys on the black market actually supposed to be used for'The Shower Head'-7-16
What is the name of Frank's long lost cousin in Tuscany'The Doll'-7-17
Kramer falls asleep on his date Connie so she, thinking he is dead, calls some mobsters to do what with him'The Friar's Club'-7-18
Name one thing Kramer is wearing/using that makes him look like a pimpThe Wigmaster'-7-19
What is the name of the store George gets the calzones at'The Calzone'-7-20
What state do Kramer and Newman plan to drive to so they can cash in the empty bottles'The Bottle Deposit Part 1'-7-21
Whose golf clubs does Tony, the mechanic who stole Jerry's car, throw at Kramer's car'The Bottle Deposit Part 2'-7-22
Who does Kramer resemble while chasing after the kid he was babysitting in his skinny jeans'The Wait Out'-7-23
Right after Susan's funeral, who does George call for a date'The Invitations'-7-24
What country does Peterman go to when he goes crazy'The Foundation'-8-1
George leaves a tape recorder in his briefcase to spy on the foundation employees. Who first did this method'The Soul Mate'-8-2
When Jerry asks Kramer what he does at his new job at Brandt-Leland what does Kramer say he does'The Bizzaro Jerry'-8-3
Finish the line from Elaine to Frank: 'What the hell does that mean?' 'That means whatever ___________''The Little Kicks'-8-4
What is burned off of Uncle Leo after his stove exploded'The Package'-8-5
What was the war Frank was a cook in that ended his love for cooking'The Fatigues'-8-6
What song does Elaine suggest she and her boyfriend can share instead of Desperado'The Checks'-8-7
Who is the creepy doll in Kramer's apartment'The Chicken Roaster'-8-8
What language does George learn now that he is smart'The Abstinence'-8-9
What does the 'bad breaker upper' call George at the end'The Andrea Doria'-8-10
What are on Jerry's checks'The Little Jerry'-8-11
Who does Elaine reluctantly give a job at the Peterman catalog'The Money'-8-12
Who does Kramer want to 'pull the plug' if he ever goes into a coma'The Comeback'-8-13
What number is the Van Buren Boys's gang sign'The Van Buren Boys'-8-14
What does Peggy call Elaine that makes her mad'The Susie'-8-15
What does Jenna put in the toilet to get back at Jerry'The Pothole'-8-16
The 'Cubans' who Kramer receives (who are people not cigars) are actually from what country'The English Patient'-8-17
What song does Steinbrenner sing the lyrics to as he is looking for George in his office'The Nap'-8-18
What was the best part of Elaine's date with a lawyer that she reminisces about'The Yada Yada'-8-19
Whose jersey does George wear when he is trying to get fired from the Yankees'The Millennium'-8-20
What does Elaine want removed from the name of the store: 'Top of the Muffin to You!''The Muffin Tops'-8-21
What musical does Kramer pose as a member of to receive a Tony Award'The Summer of George'-8-22
What do George, Jerry, and Kramer have at the beginning of this episode'The Butter Shave'-9-1
What product do Kramer and Darin the intern test out for 'Kramerica Industries''The Voice'-9-2
Kramer installed a screen door to enjoy 'the cool evening breezes of _______''The Serenity Now'-9-3
Finish the line from Vivian, Elaine's friend who hooks up with George: 'I find _____ to be the most sensual of all the salted cured meats''The Blood'-9-4
Where does Elaine's new boyfriend work as a king'The Junk Mail'-9-5
What does Elaine call the guy who sneaks up next to her at work'The Merv Griffin Show'-9-6
Jerry calls the dermatologist who claims to save lives: '__________ M.D.''The Slicer'-9-7
What is the combination to Elaine's vault'The Betrayal'-9-8
Who is a recovering germophobe'The Apology'-9-9
What bagel shop did Kramer formerly work at'The Strike'-9-10
Where does Puddy like to take Elaine for dinner'The Dealership'-9-11
What kind of lessons does George take a flyer for that makes his wallet explode'The Reverse Peephole'-9-12
What cartoon strip did Elaine steal her cartoon from'The Cartoon'-9-13
Where does Kramer first hide the key to his strongbox'The Strongbox'-9-14
What is the name of the condo newsletter in the Seinfeld's retirement community 'The Wizard'-9-15
What disease does Mickey get that he is very excited about'The Burning'-9-16
What does Morty steal that runs out very fast'The Bookstore'-9-17
What is the name of the electrician who helps George take the Frogger machine'The Frogger'-9-18
What is the nickname George wants to be called'The Maid'-9-19
Who is a wealthy industrialist, philanthropist, and bicyclist'The Puerto Rican Day'-9-20
Who does George claim gets the nice planes from NBC'The Finale Part 1'-9-23
What is the last conversation in the jail cell about'The Finale Part 2'-9-24

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