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Who was frightened from an explosion in a restaurant and returned home
What is George's girlfriend's name in the Chinese Restaurant
Finish the line from Puddy: I'll be back, we'll ______
What drug does Peterman become addicted to in Myanmar (Burma)
What is Peterman's Mother's last word
Who had dirty wheelchair wheels
Who is a wealthy industrialist, philanthropist, and bicyclist
What does Kramer call Bob and Cedric
What gives George an upset stomach in 'the betrayal'
Where are Todd Gak's cigars from
Why can't Kramer cook his shirt in his own oven
Name one soup ordered from the soup nazis shop
What united Jerry and a black man in a bakery
Who wanted the cashmere but only got change as a little girl
What does Jerry call a male bimbo
What is the Dog's name whom Jerry takes care of
What is Elaine's boyfriend, who is leaving for Seattle, looking for as they are packing for his plane
What is the name of Babu Bhatt's cafe
What is the creepy doll in Kramer's apartment
Which button makes or breaks the shirt

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