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Can you name the fictional character or historical figure by description of their weapon?

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Description of WeaponDudeWeapon
Internals include power cells, stabilizing rings and synthetic crystals. Made to replace weapon inherited from father.
Double-edged, straight-bladed metallic monster. Concealable under long hair.
It's the most powerful handgun in the world, punk.
Peacekeeper standard issue automatic pulse pistol or an actress from Earth.
Accompained by five small, smooth stones is adequate for cutting a tall Philistine down to size.
Wooden sticks, connected by a chain, slathered in pizza grease and smelling of sewer water.
Red LED calibrated for Emperor Zurg.
Mystical steel cutter that comes from a rock or water or both.
Helped capture 132 Germans in one battle. Reportedly, preferred over the M1917 Enfield most enlisted men received.
Shards no longer, it is 'Flame of the West'.
It has at its core a Threstral tail hair and is used to fix a similar weapon made of holly.
Callahan fullbore autolock. Needs oxygen to fire. Cannot be traded for the captain's wife.
Holy Roman Emperor! That's a beautiful, color-shifting, French blade.
When lifted with an incantation has power to transform man and beast.
Can be swung like a bat to demolish machines that threaten forests. Or at least, that's how it worked in Prostars.
Powerful beam of destructive power harnassed by a ruby quartz visor.
A more portable version than the original box iteration. By telepathy it changes the object it is pointed at into whatever the wielder desires, i.e. a pterodactyl.
Utilitarian piece, indispensable in rescuing relics and fighting facists. Not as quick or easy as a revolver, however.
Whether from hand or mouth they turn goombas and koopas on their head.
Good for taking on monster's mothers and dragons. Also good for failing in the middle of a fight.

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