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Can you name the endings to these LOST episodes?

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Before coming to the island, Locke was...'Walkabout'
The package is revealed to be...'The Package'
He wasn't on the plane...'Raised by Another'
What do Locke and Boone find in the jungle?'All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues'
Faraday is killed by...'The Variable'
This is written on the side of the hatch'Numbers'
Everyone in the Flash Sideways is...'The End'
...burned the raft' Translation'
Sayid reveals that the survivors found this man's body'Lockdown'
This man was responsible for 'The Purge''The Man Behind the Curtain'
Shannon is shot dead by...'Abandoned'
He returns from the dead...'La X, Part 2'
...has returned to the island.'Dr. Linus'
'We have to...''Through the Looking Glass'
The coffin contains the body of...'There's No Place Like Home'
This is where Hurley knew Libby from...'Dave'

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