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QUIZ: Can you name the facts from John Locke's life?

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Year of Birth
Year of Death
In Australia...
First Centric Episode
This man invited him to 'a school for special children'
Missing this organ thanks to his father
Cop who busted Locke's commune farm
Locke's boss at the box company
Asked this woman to marry him
Fell this many stories when he broke his back
Helped this character quit heroin
Found this in the jungle with Boone
Saved this character from suicide
The Flame exploded when Locke entered this
Enlisted this man to kill his father
After the survivors split, Locke takes his faction here
Threw a knife in her back
Tried to convince the Oceanic six to come back under this alias
Murdered by...
Suicide note reads
This made Locke 'remember.'
Don't tell him...

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