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Can you name these famous luchadores based on their earlier gimmicks?

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Prior GimmickAnswerHint
KuronekoOne of Los Gringos Locos
Ultraman 2000Father of Bestia
VenganzaDon't Doubt Him
Mascara MagicaChavo Gurrero's Favorite Wrestler
Rocky BoyOnce Aided Dean Malenko
El Hijo de Fuerza GuerreraRan Over Brad Armstrong
El CenturionBow Wow Wow
Principe IslandCue Up the Subtitles
SodomReflection of Perfection
El SalvajeHigh Flyer of the Highest Magnitude
ColibriFormer WWE Champion
El InvasorDon't Be Fooled by his Stocky Physique
El Greco Jr.Cool Shades, Bro
AsaiToryumon Founder
Ian RichardsAngel. Devil. Hero.
Leopardo NegroHates Trap Doors
RokamboleLast of the Line
Alex DinamoTragically Drowned
El LeonEarly Member of LAX in TNA
Rencor LatinoMistico's Favorite Opponent
Prior GimmickAnswerHint
Natasha GravesSuccessful Bodybuilder
Tyger MaskAKA 'The Suicide Cat'
Canelo CasasRocks and Rolls
Mr. TexasTexas Wrestling Academy Grad
IncognitoAppeared in CHIKARA
Black BarbieDated Kurt Angle
Muerte CiberneticaSinister Minister's 'Son'
Papi ChuloAppeared on Wrestlemania
Rey OrtizPirates Ahoy
HisteriaInsane Luchador
Condor DoradoUltimate Warrior
Mini Love MachineIntroduced Lucha to Japan
MASA MichinokuFirst J-Crown Champion
El UniversitarioSlammed Andre the Giant
ChimaeraBetter Known as an Announcer
UrkoLa Secta Leader
Dr. Karonte Jr.Friends Call Him Iggy
El Amenaza EleganteShapely Wrestler
El ManayaHere Kitty Kitty

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