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Comedic wrestling promotion HUSTLE used famous wrestlers under wacky gimmicks - can you guess who was who?

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HUSTLE GimmickWrestler's Popular NameHint
ZebramanJapanese ZERO1 Wrestler
HUSTLE Kamen BlueFormer Mini Crazy MAX Member
HUSTLE Kamen RedMan of Many, Many Gimmcks
Commander An JoUWF Alumnus
Himalayan Big FootCanadian Indy Guy
HIZAKARIAlso Did a Native American Gimmick
Monster CSister and Son Also Wrestle
Hustle RIKISHIYou Don't Need One
Jude OInnovated the STO
Russian 54Heavyweight UPW Trainee
Super VirusWWE & ECW Alumnus
Mr. USAFormer Red Shirt Security
Hustle Kamen GoldWWE Royal Rumble Winner
Hustle Kamen SilverSecond Gen Lucador
El Hateno DosHalf of Legendary Mexican Team
El Hateno UnoAppeared on WCW Nitro
New Jersey Power WarriorAlso Played Russian 54
Arisin ZSecond Gen TNA Alumna
Monster JNash Accused of Steroid Use
HUSTLE Kamen GreenLight Heavyweight UPW Trainee
HUSTLE Kamen YellowWas in a Salsa Band
The SamuNot Samoan
EricaGod Made the Devil Just for Fun
HUSTLE GimmickWrestler's Popular NameHint
MargaretKills Bitches Dead
Blanca XDebuted at Age 16
Quick Cook LeeJapanese-American Wrestler
Jaguar YJoshi Legend
Dokuron ZAlso Played Arisin Z
Neo Devil Pierroth #1Half of Twin Tag Team
Neo Devil Pierroth #2Half of Twin Tag Team
Monster KFormer ZERO1 World Champion
Giant VaboFormer NJPW Young Lion
YasudakinenAlleged Heavy Gambler
SodomNatural Born Thriller
GomoraTough Enough Cast Member
Red OnigumoAlso Known as HERO!
HUSTLE Kamen OrangeIWGP Junior Champion
The EsperanzaThe General
Blue Devil SpiderAlso a Neo Devil Pierroth
Red Devil SpiderAlso a Neo Devil Pierroth
Yellow Devil SpiderOne of the 'Jimmys'
KATAKARI 3000%The Commander
KATAKARI MAXFormer Dusty Rhodes Rival
TGDebuted in 1982
KurodamanIt's in his Name
RandlemanUFC Heavyweight Champion
HUSTLE GimmickWrestler's Popular NameHint
KintamanHe's Winging It
ACHICHIFormer WCW Cruiserweight Champ
ColemanOlympic Wrestler
Rene BonaparteOwns a Cafe
MitsuyamanDradition's Ace
Nishimu LamaMUGA Practitioner
Monster BonoWrestlemania Celebrity
Yoshie-ChanPink Warrior
A-ChanRetired in 2009
Nagao GingaFormer Giant Vabo
Fake HGIWA Japan Stalwart
Private ShojiPRIDE Alumnus
KGTajiri's Female Protege
Natto ManRINGS Star
Ray OharaMoved on to NOAH
Detective Alan KurokiEarly Dragon Gate Star
Dina SharpTeamed with Kezno Suzuki
KikkomanJapanese Star of CMLL
Punch the CAJPW Dojo Graduate
ArmaThe Problem Solver
GeddonThe French Tickler
Joe MegalodonFormer Tag Partner of Edge

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