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Regal Period
Roman Empire
earliest graves in the Forum area
traditional date of the founding of Rome
stone wall built around base of Palatine
Rome is a large and complex city
Tarquin expelled and first year of the Republic
Capitoline Temple (to Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva) dedicated
Secession of the plebs
Battle of Lake Regillus
Treaty between Rome and Latin League
Defeat of Veii
conquest of Rome by Senones (actual date: 386)
Servian wall built
Defeat of the Latin League at Naples
dissolution of the Latin League
First, second, and third Samnite wars
Via Appia completed
King Pyrrhus of Epirus invades Italy, wins victory at Heraclea
Pyrrhus wins ‘Pyrrhic victory’ at Ausculum; leaves for Syracuse
Pyrrhus returns to Italy and is defeated at Beneventum
Rome captures Tarentum
First Punic War
only major Roman defeats in First Punic War
Sicily is first Roman province
Sardinia and Corsica provinces; Carthage turns to Spanish conquest
siege of Saguntum
Second Punic War
Battles of Ticinum and Trebia
Battle of Lake Trasimene
Battle of Cannae
Hannibal takes Capua and is supported by Philip V of Macedon
defeat of Syracuse; death of Archimedes
defeat of Hasdrubal at Metaurus River
Romans conquer Spain
end of First Macedonia War
Scipio invades Africa
Hannibal recalled
Battle of Zama
treaty signed with Carthage
Spain made into two provinces
Philip V defeated at Cynoscephalae (Second Macedonian War)
Antiochus III of Syria defeated at Magnesia
Third Macedonian War ends at Pydna
Illyricum made a province
Third Punic War; destruction of Carthage; Africa made a province
Fourth Macedonian War ends
revolt of Achaean League; Achaea and Macedonia made a province
Tiberius Gracchus, tribune of the plebs
Gaius Gracchus, tribune of the plebs
Gaius Marius, consul six times, five times in a row (104-100)
Social War
siege of Rome
Sulla dictator
revolt of Spartacus in Italy
Pompey and Crassus consuls
Gaius Julius Caesar consul
Caesar begins first five-year command in Gaul
Caesar’s conquest of Britain
Crassus killed at Carrhae against Parthians
Gaul made a province
senate declares martial law against Caesar
Caesar crosses the Rubicon River, thereby declaring civil war
Pompey defeated at Pharsalus by Caesar
Caesar assassinated
Brutus and Cassius defeated at Philippi by Octavian and Antony
Battle of Actium
Octavian hands back all power to senate
Senate bestows title Augustus on Octavian
Clades Variana and end of major Roman expansion
Death of Augustus
Julio-Claudian dynasty (Augustus to Nero)
Conquest of Britain
Year of four emperors (Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian)
Flavian dynasty (Vespasian to Domitian)
Adoptive emperors (Nerva to Marcus Aurelius)
Abandonment of Trajan’s eastern conquests
Year of five emperors (Pertinax, Julianus, Severus, Pesc. Niger, [Albinus])
Severan dynasty (Severus to Severus Alexander; not Macr. or Diad.)
“Crisis” of the third century
Beginning of tetrarchy
Great Persecution
Constantine sole emperor in West (defeat of Maxentius)
Constantine sole emperor (defeat of Licinius)
Dedication of Constantinople
Neo-Flavian dynasty (Constantius, Constantine to Julian)
Valentinian-Theodosian dynasty (don’t need to know names)
Battle of Adrianople
Last time East and West united under one emperor
Alans, Vandals, Sueves cross Rhine and invade Gaul
Sacks of Rome by Visigoths and Vandals
Fall of western empire
Fall of eastern empire

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