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First transatlantic solo flight pilot
First airline to start frequent flier miles
First passenger jet to exceed Mach 1
First man in space
First U.S. space station
First child actor to win an Oscar
First person nominated for an Oscar, in the same year, for Best Producer, Director, Actor, and Screenwriter
First movie to exceed earning $100,000,000
First movie to earn $1,000,000,000 worldwide
First animated movie nominated for an Oscar
First cartoon in primetime
First children's book to hit number one on the New York Bestseller List
First music video on MTV
First Beatles album released
First atomic sub
First U.S. State
First U.S. First Lady
First animal movie star
First roller coaster to exceed 60mph
First artist of a painting to exceed $100,000,000 at auction
First building over 1000 feet
First South American country in an Olympic torch relay
First female network news anchor
First female attorney general
First city to open a hospital in The Americas
First country to use paper money
First official U.S. currency
First (either of the two) person on a U.S. stamp
First nationally accepted credit card in the U.S.
First U.S. President to throw out an opening pitch
First MLB team with numbers on their jerseys
First (either of the two) Canadian NBA team
First NFL coach to be dumped with Gatorade
First NBA player to score 100 points in a game
First Super Bowl champs
First NHL player with over 1000 career points
First NASCAR driver with 100 race victories
First World Cup soccer/football champs
First skateboarder to execute a 900
First color film (camera film)
First video game to track high scores
First multiplayer, multicomputer game

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