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Can you name the facts around the battle of Spotsylvania Court House?

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The Battle of Spotsylvania Court was fought in what month and year
Spotsylvania Court House was one battle in what Union campaign?
Who led the Union's 2nd Corp at Spotsylvania?
What Union general was killed before major fighting began
Where did the first major fighting of the battle take place?
What was the name of the prominent salient on the Confederate line?
What Union soldier proposed a daring attack that would have been successful if supported with more backup
What Union and Confederate calvary leaders were not present for the battle?
At what battle associated with Spotsylvania Court saw the death of JEB Stuart?
What became the popular name of an area of heavy fighting on the last day of the battle?
Which Confederate General was injured in a previous battle and could not fight at Spotsylvania?
What was the nickname of Confederate 2nd Corps General Richard Ewel
Who was considered the winner of the battle?

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