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What is the name of Thanos' servent who Loki speaks with?
Who does Loki call a 'dull creature'?
[Finish the quote] 'I never wanted the throne!...'
Loki was freed from his cell to help Thor defeat who?
When Frigga says 'please don't make this worse', how does Loki respond?
What is Loki the god of?
[Finish the quote] 'Your heroes are scattered, your floating fortess falls from the sky...'
In Thor: The Dark World, according to Odin, what was Loki's birthright?
Who does Loki disguise himself as at the end of Thor: The Dark World?
Which actor plays to role of Loki?
According to Phil Coulson, what does Loki lack?
[Finish the quote] 'The humans think us immortal...'
Who's hand does Loki 'cut off'?
Loki's powers allows him to create what?
In Thor: The Dark World, Loki briefly disguises himself as which other Marvel character?
Why does Jane Foster slap Loki? [The place]
What species is Loki?
Who told Loki about Natasha's past? [Full name]
Who's mind does Loki take over last? [Full name]
Who taught Loki his powers?
'See you in hell, monster' Who is Loki referring to?
In The Avengers, which major character does Loki 'kill'? [Full name]
Quote Loki's line in the after credits scene of Thor.
What is Loki's age roughly in human years?
Which infinity stone is Loki's scepter?
What is Loki's final line in Thor: The Dark World?
In Odin's vault, what does Loki touch which confirms his species is not what he thought? [Full name of it]
'What i could do with the power flowing through those veins' Who is Loki referring to? [Full name]
Name Loki's birth father.
In Marvel's The Avengers, who offers Loki a drink?
Who does Loki call a 'mewling quim'? [Full name]
What it Tony Stark's nickname for Loki? 'make your move _____ _____'
Where is Loki originally from?
Which three words does Loki use to describe Thor? [In order]
[Finish the quote] 'You were made to be ruled...'

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