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The bonds formed by passing molecules are called
The Atomic Number represents the number of _______ in an atom
A nucleus that spontaneously decays may be considered _________
Isotopes of an atom vary in their number of _______
Electrons in a larger electron cloud have _______ potential energy
What is water's specific heat (in cal/g/deg. C)?
The sphere of water molecules around dissolved ions is called a ________
What does pH does rain fall under to be called acid precipitation?
What phenomenon is observed when hydrogen bonds hold water molecules together for a fraction of a second?
Which atom(s) retain(s) a partial positive charge in the water molecule
What are biological molecules that have long hydrocarbon tails attached to a nonhydrocarbon component?
In which group is the oxygen atom joined to the carbon skeleton through a double bond?
Which molecules can undergo reactions that release a small amount of energy?
Which molecule is the source for all carbon found in the organic molecules of organisms?
What material composed of carbon atoms distinguishes living matter from inorganic material?
This process causes a protein to lose its function if certain environmental aspects are altered.
A protein consists of one or more _________
Which part of a phospholipid is hydrophilic?
This polysaccharide is a major component of plant cell walls
What are the four main classes of large biological molecules?

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