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What was the very first instrument Travis learned to play?
What word is tatted on Travis Scotts neck?
What rapper inspired the 'Scott' part of Travis Scotts name?
What song can be heard in the beginning of the 'Mamacita' music video?
What was 'Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight' originally going to be named?
Stroke my _______
Which phone provider did Travis Scotts mom work for?
Before 'ASTROWORLD', on what song did Travis collaborated with Frank Ocean?
'Nine light years away ...' is the intro to what song?
Where does the 'Travis' part in Travis Scotts name come from?
Travis Scott is seen in which Migos 'Culture' music video?
What Rihanna song features Travis Scott vocals?
Who was supposed to be featured on 'Wasted'?
What Travis Scott song is available for free on Apple Music (for non-Apple Music users as well)?
Which Rae Sremmurd song got remixed by Travis?
What song by Travis Scott got T.I.'s attention?
In what year was Travis part of the XXL Freshman Class?
Who walked up in the gun store and ordered himself some guns on Nightcrawler?
'I do not **** with America, I get it straight off the boat' is said in what song?
Yung Lean can be heard in the intro to what 'Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho' track?
What was Travis Scott eating right before the car crash in the 'Birds In The Trap'-short film?
A leaked track, called 'Drown', got an official release on Metro Boomins album. What is the songs (official) name?
Piss On Your Grave, Skyfall, way back: Which one of these songs doesn't have a music video?
What song was the first Travis Scott collaboration with Drake?
What music band is heard on 'Don't Play'?
What song marks the first time that Travis appeared on a Young Thug project? (Not counting 'pick up the phone')
Which one of the 2 songs that dropped on New Years Eve 2015-2016 didn't end up on an album?
According to the Nardwuar interview, how does Travis Scott keep his pants up while performing?
What cereal brand made Travis Scott special editions?
Which leaked Travis Scott song features a spoken intro from Yung Mazi?
Where was Travis Scott most of the time during the studio sessions for 'ASTROWORLD'?
Despite being featured on the song, who is not seen in the 'YOSEMITE' music video?
Which A$AP Member can already be heard on a few tracks alongside Travis Scott?
Which Migos member was not featured on 'ASTROWORLD'?
Which Rock'n'Roll legend is featured alongside Travis on Post Malone's 'Take What You Want'?
What color is the drifting Lamborghini in the background of the 'beibs in the trap' music video?
On what song does Travis advise you to bring some backup if you're creeping on him, cause just last week he rest in peace'd a homie?
Fill in the blank: 'Come see where I lay up, _____ where I lay up'
'I can't feel my face, will I live today?' is from what song?
What did Travis Scott mistake the cocaine in his hair for on 'Kelly Price'?
In a Behind the Scenes video for Wiz Khalifas 'Bake Sale'-Video, Travis puts a blunt between two buns of bread and calls his creation a ...
What is the oldest officially released Travis Scott song on paid streaming platforms? (Spotify, Apple Music)
'You back at stripping, Imma go back straight to tipping' is from what song?
Who (indirectly) came up with the name 'Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight'?
What song are 'Maison Margiela blunts' and 'Louis V double cups' from?
The intro verse from 'the ends' was originally supposed to appear on a Cashmere Cat song. What is the song called?
Which track from 'Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho' is the only one with a music video?
'Tell me one thing, is you 'bout it? Girl, is you 'bout it?' is from what song?
What is Travis Scotts radio station on Apple Music called?
What Juicy J song features Travis saying 'f*ck' 13 times in a row?
Who is featured on every Travis Scott project since Days Before Rodeo?
Who shot the cover photo for 'Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight'?
In an interview, Kylie Jenner said that her favorite Travis Scott track is ...
Before the 'beef'; What song features both Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott?
What is Travis Scotts own label named?
How many tracks were added to the Rodeo Deluxe Version?
Travis Scotts dad was a good friend of what famous DJ?
Who is Travis Scotts DJ and close friend?
Travis Scott was supposed to appear on Kanye Wests album 'The Life Of Pablo'. On which song?
Finish: 'Let's get high (high), and go dance on the ____'
What song gets played at the beginning of the 'Antidote' music video for a few seconds?
'Got my first M 2012, now a hunnid K in the mail ...' Who delivered this line?
Which Travis Scott song did Bryson Tiller sample on 'Don't Get Too High'?
What was Travis Scotts dream job as a kid?
What Kendrick Lamar music video featured Travis in it? (DAMN. album)
Straight from Mexico, call her ...?
What was Travis Scott arrested for in 2017?
How many siblings does Travis have?
Travis worked with Thundercat on which ASTROWORLD song?
What did Kanye West offered Travis Scott to eat at their first meeting?
What other rapper often gets mixed up with Travis Scott?
'Me? On my rock-n-roll ****, Mick Jagger' is from what song?
When is Travis Scott's birthday?
Apart from 'Go Off' and 'Watch', which song features Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert?
What music video features action doll Travis roaming the streets of Beverly Hills?
What is Gucci Manes and Travis Scotts collaboration called that premiered on CashXO's 'Memento Mori'?
Who shot the cover photo for 'ASTROWORLD'?
Cactus Jack, TRavis Scotts label, plans to release a collab album featuring all of the Cactus Jack artists. What is the album going to be called?
What flavor of Lays chips did Travis eat at the beginning of 'Backyard'?
'Last time I checked, you were the one that left' is from what Travis feature?
What was Travis Scotts first music video?
On what song does Travis state that 'his d**k is longer than a Pringles box'?
What tattoo does Travis have right next to his left ear?
What is Travis Scott's official Netflix documentary called?
Who was supposed to be featured on 'HIGHEST IN THE ROOM'?
Travis Scott collaborated with Yung Lean in 2014 on what song?
Travis Scott has/had a chain that shows a human silhouette under a prohibition sign. What is the chain called?

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