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Former Michigan great who actually had a good pro career with the packers. Hello Heisman
Former Ohio State running back who had a nice career with the vikings
Former Stanford alum who has the honor of working friday night games with the great Joe Tessitore
Former Penn Stater and Lions GM who should stay in the press box after his terrible work in the front office
Former coach and mascot lover
Former Ohio State QB who unfortunately has to announce games with the awful Brent Musberger
Former Houston QB who became the first black QB to win the Heisman trophy
Former head coach of notre dame. no not the old one, the fat one or the black one
Former SMU running back who is more famous for his son's mistreatment than his own career
Former Penn State QB who often takes a trip to a famous eatery at every college he visits
Former Quarterback more famous for being on a reality show than being an analyst
Former Pitt offensive lineman who loves to talk up the Big East and battles the oldest analyst on staff every week
Former head coach who constantly picks his former team to go undefeated and spits more than he speaks

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