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Fluffy haired actor and director of one version of Hamlet
Ernest Jones believes that Hamlet has an _______ complex
Poison in the ear could symbolize
Killing a king is called
Hamlet calls himself a rogue and peasant _______
Beginning of Hamlet's 3rd soliloquy
Source of Hamlet written by Saxo Grammaticus
1948 Hamlet directed by
Actor in Hamlet (2000)
This famous author and critic called Hamlet an 'artistic failure'
A theme of Hamlet (hint: two or two parts)
Hamlet studied at this university
This character cannot see the ghost
Number of characters who die by the end of the play
Speaks the first line of the play
Returns Hamlet to Denmark after his exile
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern die in
The sporting event in the last act
Hamlet requests this play
Speaks the last line of Hamlet
Ophelia sings a song about this holiday
Finish: Thus conscience does...
Hamlet's BFF
Hamlet takes place during this time period
Another name for turning point/climax

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