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Where are the lads heading to this august for their holiday?
Where does Steve want to retire?
What is the name of Steve's new putter?
What is the name of Mark Mills's gran?
What is the name of Roo's new house(which is in the middle of **** nowehere!!!
What did Jamie run into at T in the park
Does Neil Gallagher have a wife or husband that plays golf?
What is the name of the lads fantasised restaurant in Magaluf?
What race of women does Iggy prefer to pull?
Where is Jamie and Euan's flat?
Who won the 1st and 2nd lads majors?
How many lads live in Spam
On a scale of 1 to 10 how bored am I right now?
Who has replaced Park ji-Paul on the holiday
Where is the LPT held?
Who **** up the syndicate for the lads?
What was the exact value of the loss for the syndicate from that dick?
What is the name of Neil Lockhart's Girlfriend
Who is the oldest Lad?
How did Muzz meet his girlfriend? (what networking site)
What can Steve not do without daily?
Who did james recntly pull in Edinbrugh?
What is the style of Scott's haircut (region of the world)
Who is the youngest lad?
Who has the worst chat in the lads?
Who has the best?
Who has the 'aids'? Who is riddled?
Who was the lad to shite himself in code?
Who pissed himself at Crail?
While steaming who passed out on the toilet half way through taking a ****?
What nationality is Roo?
Who did Roo claim he saw at spar one day?
What did Roo famously say during a highlights showing of a reserve match?
What did Ross Haughie claim he did to a stripper in maga?
What is the name of Iggy's cool dog?
What notorious girl has a rather wild forrest down in her lower regions?
Does Euan Murray have breasts or pecks?
What item of clothing does Roo always wear and never wash?
What is Pat Perez's middle name?
What did Jamie Mclean claim he was going to do in St Andrews union?

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