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Can you name the Main Characters of Warrior Cats?

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Blind Grumpy Medicine Cat
Strong Warrior
Not Actually Part of the Three
ThunderClan Medicine Cat
Fire will save the Clan
ThunderClan Deputy
Grumpy WindClan Warrior
WindClan Warrior that found tunnels
WindClan Leader
RiverClan Leader
Other RiverClan Leader
ShadowClan Leader
Father of the Three
Not Actual Mother of the Three
Jealous of Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight
From Tribe
Wanted to live with Tribe
The Fourth Apprentice
Dark Forest Spy
Leader of Dark Forest
Other Leader of Dark Forest
Old Dark Forest Warrior
Old Cat that lived at Lake long time ago
Tribe Leader/Healer
ShadowClan Medicine Cat
Predicted Sun vanishing
RiverClan Medicine Cat; Doesn't believe in Starclan
ShadowClan Deputy
Other ShadowClan Deputy
Tigerstar's daughter
Became close to Dovewing
Accused Jayfeather
WindClan Deputy
RiverClan Deputy

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