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Can you name the Most commonly known player in sports by their number?

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0Agent Zero
1'Wizard of Oz'
2Do you really need a hint???
3House that who built??
4Has pretty much every QB record...even interceptions
5Record for most consecutive games with a hit at 56
6Eleven Championship Titles
7Beat Out Favre in the Superbowl
8Most World Series Champion Wins Ever
9A Close Second to 'The Great One'
10'The Flower'
11'The Captain'
12Now on the NFL on FOX team
13100 points.....nuff said
14Most Hits Ever
155 NFL Championships including 2 super bowls
16'_____ Cool'
17Last Pitcher to win 30 games
18Has A Brother In The Same League
19'The Captain' in Detroit
20Best to Ever Carry The Ball
21The Modern 'LT'
22All Time Rushing Leader
23Really???...Do you need one??
24'Say Hey Kid'
25Most Home Runs.....although controversial
26Played His Whole Career in the AL East
27'Domincan Dandy'
28'The Greatest Show on Turf'
29Still Has The Record For Most Yards in a Season
30Most Wins and Most Shutouts as a Goalie
31Most Home Runs as a Catcher
32Only Played 9 Seasons but Led The League in Rushing 8 of them
33#30 Passed This Player In Many Categories To Take #1
34Best Pitcher EVER
35First To Use the Butterfly
36'The Bus'
37Ollie The Goalie
38Part of Arguably the Best Pitching Duo in Baseball History
39'the Dominator'
40Gave Up His Career to Fight For Our Country
41'_____ Terrific'
42Most Successful Closer of All time
44Most Home Runs....officially
45Best Winning Percentage in Baseball
46Good Pitcher for the Yankees
47Also Drafted by the Kings in Hockey
49'Gator' or 'Louisiana Lightning'
50'El Sid'
51Big Unit
52Hardest Hitting Linebacker You'll Ever See
53Underdog to 'LT'
54Beast From the East
55Now Has a TV Show
57One of The Best Pitchers in Baseball
58Part of The 'Steel Curtain' defense
59Played next to #58
60Great Run with the Canadians
61A Great Young Hockey Player
62Part of the Perfect Season Dolphins
63Played in 3 Superbowls for the Same Team in 3 Different Decades
64Made the Vikings 'Ring of Honor'
65Recorded 105 Sacks....before they Recorded Sacks
66The 'Second' Great One
67Only Dan Marino Played in More Games as a Dolphin
68Played With #66
70'Big Cat'
71On the Rise in Pittsburgh
72Most home runs as a Catcher til #31 passed him
73Father and Brother also Played in the NFL
74First ever draft pick for the Dallas Cowboys
75Famous Coke commercial
76'The Toe'
77NHL Record for Most Goals as a Defenseman
78Sacks Leader
79Captain for both the Senators and Islanders
80The Best Wide Reciever
81'Night Train'
82Wizard of Oz the Second
83Second Most Receptions in Superbowl History
84One of The Best Tight Ends of All time
85Played in Superbowl With Broken Leg
86First name Sounds like The Stadium he played in
87Sid the Kid
88Most Receptions in a Season
90Now Co-owner of the Kansas City Brigade
91'Russian Rocket'
92'Minister of Defense'
93Captain for the Maple Leafs and Blackhawks in the 90's
94Won 5 Superbowls with the 49ers and Cowboys
95137.5 sacks....behind Reggie white and Bruce Smith
96Member of Seattle Seahawks Ring of Honor
97wore number 27 with the Chicago Blackhawks
99The Great One

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