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Uncomfortable Plot SummaryMusical Title
Schoolchildren have orgy, one of them shoots himself
You're thinking this is a good musical, and then you remember that it's about cats.
Cannibalistic couple opens a bakery
Time's moving backwards and we don't know why
Time's moving several directions and we still don't know why
Deranged mother burns to see daughter naked
British schoolteacher uses Asian schoolchildren for personal gain
Pro-choice singer sings
Everyone belongs in rehab
Effeminately dressed prophetic slave rises to power
Sexually ambivalent 30-something is stalked by sociopaths
Immigrants cause trouble
Jealous cowboy murders the man of his girl's dreams
Uncomfortable Plot SummaryMusical Title
Town in an uproar after underage starf***er agrees to televised sexual acts
Blasphemous nun frolics with enemies of the state.
Skillful Madame pimps out her friends
Guido uses language barrier to patronize mentally disabled
Professor exploits street rat, then she gets hot and he wants to boink her
Daughter becomes obsessed with her mother's f***buddies
Become a tramp to find true love
Con-artist uses his big shiny instrument to lure speech impaired child
Suicidal stalker fails to see the bigger picture
Popular girl can't get guy, settles for nerd
Female lunatic striptease
Artistic statement upstaged by AIDS

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