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Culmination ceremony of a student
A plane for arranging coordinates
Holding onto firmly
A quick haircut
Term for subway
Group of like-minded individuals
Tailor adjusts them
An emblem
A universal symbol for a journey
Goods being transported
Fantastic tales
A malicious opening in the skin
The founder of a family
You're on one now
A customary practice
Degree of change over time
A sexual crime
Slang term for rolling paper used for certain drugs
Is advised by cardinals
A physical way of getting someone's attention
Opposite of ingestion
Football dodge
A large genus of beetles (____bug)
Roman goddess of marriage
A type of martial art
The brother of Jesus
A celebrity judge
Determines the fate of the defendant
The act of carrying out a specific death rite
Altenative to the above
A fruit with hooks that get stuck to clothing
Cat communication
An enticement
Reduces friction

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