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Can you name the Naruto Shippuden Characters?

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The Main Character
Leader ot Taka/Hebi
Medical Ninja
The Copy Ninja
Member or ANBU Root
Wood Element User
Genius of the Byakugan
Master of Weapons
Bushy Brows
The Leaf's Green Beast
Heir to Hyuga Clan
Bug User
Akamaru's Owner
Demon Illusion User
Shadow User
Mind Switcher
Third Hokage's Grandson
Closet Pervert
Shadow User's Father
Fatso's Father
Mind Switcher's Father
Fifth Hokage's Assistant
Curse-Marked Jonin
Temporary Sixth Hokage
Bug User of Root
Mind Switcher of Root
The Legendary Sucker
The Pervy Sage
The Snake in the Grass
The Fifth Kazekage
Owner of Crow, Black Ant, and Salamander
Girl with the Giant Fan
Leader of Sand Three
Old Puppet Master
The Fourth Raikage
Jinchuriki of the Eight Tailed Ox
Storm Element User
Raikage's Sensor Ninja
Cloud Style User
Fifth Mizukage
Owner of Hiramekarei
Mist's Byakugan User
Third Tsuchikage
Golem Technique User
Lava Element User
Second Division Commander of ASF
Samurai Leader
Leader of Akatsuki
Rinnegan User
Paper Girl
Killer of Uchiha Clan
Owner of Sharkskin
Immortal Akatsuki Member
The Man with Five Hearts
Exploding Clay User
Puppet Master of Akatsuki
Has Two Halves
Liquid Man
Origin of the Cursed Seal
Taka's Sensor
Snake Man's Successor
Jinchuriki of the Two Tailed Cat
Jinchuriki of the Three Tailed Turtle
Jinchuriki of the Four Tailed Monkey
Jinchuriki of the Five Tailed Gobi
Jinchuriki of the Six Tailed Slug
Jinchuriki of the Seven Tailed Kabutomushi
Owner of Executioner's Blade
Owner of Helmet Splitter
Owner of Sewing Needle
Owner of Splash
Owner of Fangs
Former Owner of Sharkskin
Former Owner of Hiramekarei
Revived Sensor on Surprise Platoon
Fifth Hokage's Lover
Blast Element User
Scorch Element User
Magnet Element User
The Poison Salamander
Revived Root Member
Second Tsuchikage
The Gold and Silver Brothers
Revived Sound Five Member
Revived Hyuga
The Most Powerful Uchiha

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