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Can you guess the Heroes/Villains of the CW DC Universe?

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Real NameCodename
Oliver Queen
John Diggle
Felicity Smoak
Roy Harper
Laurel Lance
Ted Grant
Thea Queen
Tatsu Yamashiro
Rene Ramirez
Rory Regan
Curtis Holt
Evelyn Sharp
Christopher Chance
Barry Allen
Cisco Ramone
Jay Garrick
Wally West
Jesse Wells
Cynthia Reynolds (probably)
Ray Palmer
Sara Lance
Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson
Kendra Saunders
Carter Hall
Leonard Snart
Mick Rory
Nathan Heywood
Connor Hawke
Rex Tyler
Henry Heywood
Amaya Jiwe
Todd Rice
Courtney Whitmore
Charles McNider
Mari McCabe
Kara Danvers
Clark Kent
J'onn J'onzz
M'gann M'orzz
James Olsen
Malcolm Merlyn
Real NameCodename
Slade Wilson
Adrian Chase
Eobard Thawne
Hunter Zolomon
Julian Albert Desmond
Clifford Devoe
Chien Na Wei
Floyd Lawton
The Reston Family
Helena Bertinelli
Garfield Lyons
Ted Gaynor
Benjamin Turner
Barton Mathis
Mark Scheffer
William Tockman
Isabel Roschev
Sebastian Blood
Werner Zytle
Simon Lacroix
Cooper Seldon
Carrie Cutter
Digger Harkness
Danny Brickwell
Michael Amar
Jake Simmons
Lonnie Machin
Jeremy Tell
Noah Cutler
Tobias Church
Vincent Sobel
Sean Sonus
Danton Black
Kyle Nimbus
Bette Sans Souci
Tony Woodward
Farooq Gibran
Roy Bivolo
Hartley Rathaway
Shawna Baez
Mark Mardon
Real NameCodename
Lisa Snart
James Jesse
Brie Larvan
Hannibal Bates
Al Rothstein
Eddie Slick
Henry Hewitt
Shay Lamden
Linda Park (Earth-2)
Russel Glosson
Joey Monteleone
Caitlin Snow (Earth-2)
Ronnie Raymond (Earth-2)
Cisco Ramone (Earth-2)
Adam Fells
Eliza Harmon
Dante Ramone (Earth-2)
Laurel Lance (Earth-2)
Edward Clariss
Frances Kane
Sam Scudder
Evan McCulloch
Rosalind Dillon
Currently Unknown
Jared Morillo
Rebecca Sharpe
Grant Wilson
Ben Krull
Leslie Willis
Winslow Schott
Carl Draper
Siobhan Smythe
Braniac 8
John Corbin
Veronica Sinclair
Rudy Jones
Hank Henshaw

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