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Main CharacterZangetsu
Main's FatherEngetsu
Main's SisterEnhanced Soul Perception
Main's SisterNone
Main's MotherNone
Main's Mod SoulEnhanced Leg Strength
Has Fairies in her HairShun Shun Rika
Stoic GiantBrazo Derecho del Gigante
Young QuincyGinrei Kojaku
Strong Friend of MainEnhanced Soul Perception
Eccentric Friend of MainEnhanced Soul Perception
Calm Friend of MainEnhanced Soul Perception
Lesbian Friend of MainEnhanced Soul Perception
Main's BossNone
Star of Spirit MediumKan'onball
Quincy GeniusQuincy Bow and Spirit Arrows
Urahara Shop OwnerBenihime
Goddess of the FlashShunpo and Hakuda
Former Kido Corp CaptainKido
Urahara Shop BoyKanabo Specialist
Urahara Shop GirlGenocide Mode
Former Twelfth Division LieutenantKubikiri Orochi
Former Ninth Division LieutenantUnknown
Former Seventh Division CaptainTengumaru
Former Eigth Division LieutenantHaguro Tonbo
Former Kido Corp LieutenantKido
Xcution LeaderCross of Scafold
Xcution BartenderTime Tells No Lies
Xcution DivaDollhouse
Xcution Video Game PlayerInvaders Must Die
Xcution WomanDirty Boots
Stern Ritter 'A'The Almighty
Stern Ritter 'B'Unknown
Stern Ritter 'C'The Compulsory
Stern Ritter 'D'The Death Dealing
Stern Ritter 'E'The Explode
Stern Ritter 'F'The Fear
Stern Ritter 'G'The Glutton
Stern Ritter 'H'The Heat
Stern Ritter 'I'The Iron
Stern Ritter 'J'The Jail
Stern Ritter 'K'Unknown
Stern Ritter 'L'The Love
Stern Ritter 'M'The Miracle
Stern Ritter 'N'Unknown
Stern Ritter 'O'The Overkill
Stern Ritter 'P'The Power
Stern Ritter 'Q'The Question
Stern Ritter 'R'The Roar
Stern Ritter 'S'The Superstar
Stern Ritter 'T'The Thunderbolt
Stern Ritter 'U'The Underbelly
Stern Ritter 'V'The Visionary
Stern Ritter 'W'The Wind
Stern Ritter 'X'The X-Axis
Stern Ritter 'Y'The Yourself
Stern Ritter 'Z'The Zombie
Quincy or Arrancar?Crescent Cannons
First Division CaptainRyūjin Jakka
First Division LieutenantGonryōmaru
Second Division CaptainSuzumebachi
Second Division LieutenantGegetsuburi
Former Third Division CaptainShinsō
Third Division CaptainKinshara
Third Division LieutenantWabisuke
Fourth Division CaptainMinazuki
Fourth Division LieutenantItegumo
Fourth Division Seventh SeatHisagomaru
Former Fifth Division CaptainKyōka Suigetsu
Fifth Division CaptainSakanade
Fifth Division LieutenantTobiume
Sixth Division CaptainSenbonzakura
Sixth Division LieutentantZabimaru
Seventh Division CaptainTenken
Seventh Division LieutenantUnknown
Eigth Division CaptainKaten Kyōkotsu
Eigth Division LiuetenantShinken Hakkyōken
Former Ninth Division CaptainSuzumushi
Ninth Division CaptainTachikaze
Ninth Division LieutenantKazeshini
Tenth Division CaptainHyōrinmaru
Tenth Division LieutenantHaineko
Eleventh Division CaptainNozarashi
Eleventh Division LieutenantSanpo Kenjū
Eleventh Division Third SeatHōzukimaru
Eleventh Division Fifth SeatRuri'iro Kujaku
Twelfth Division CaptainAshisogi Jizō
Twelfth Division LieutenantUnknown
Thirteenth Division CaptainSōgyo no Kotowari
Thirteenth Division LieutenantSode no Shirayuki
Former Thirteenth Division LieutenantNejibana
Female Explosives Expert Explosives
Male Explosives ExpertExplosives
Cero EspadaIra
Primera EspadaLos Lobos
Segunda EspadaArrogante
Tres EspadaTiburón
Cuatro EspadaMurciélago
Quinto EspadaSanta Teresa
Sexta EspadaPantera
Séptima EspadaBrujería
Octava EspadaFornicarás
Noveno EspadaGlotonería
Former Tres EspadaGamuza
Former Sexta EspadaTrepadora
Primera FracciónLos Lobos
Segunda Fracción: BirdÁguila
Segunda Fracción: Man?Riena de Rosas
Segunda Fracción: CrabPinza Aguda
Segunda Fracción: TigerTigre Estoque
Segunda Fracción: MammothMamut
Segunda Fracción: GiantCalderón
Tres Fracción: LionLeona
Tres Fracción: SnakeAnaconda
Tres Fracción: DeerCierva
Quinto FracciónVerruga
Sexta Fracción: ScissorsTijereta
Sexta Fracción: VolcanoVolcánica
Sexta Fracción: BullDel Toro
Sexta FracciónUnknown
Sexta FracciónUnkown
Former Tres Fracción: SlickÚltima
Former Tres Fracción: BigUknown
Privaron Espada: WindGiralda
Privaron Espada: SwallowGolondrina
Privaron Espada: FistDragra
Arrancar: CentipedeEscolopendra
Arrancar: TreeÁrbol
Arrancar: SpecialExtinguir
Imperfect ArrancarUnknown

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