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Identify the similarities and differences between Skyrim and Westeros/Essos

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A castle in the North, the seat of House Stark
A castle in the Riverlands belonging to House Tully
Ancient trees that are sacred to worshippers of the Old Gods
Groups of savages fighting to take the Wall and flee south
Those who can enter the bodies of wolves and other animals
The men who go to the tower in Oldtown to study history, medicine, etc.
The War of the Five Kings begins after the death of
Westeros is divided into __ kingdoms
Westeros was once ruled over by this family
A man of the Night's Watch who is famous for sporting a hand with only two fingers
A castle on an island outside of Blackwater Bay
An ancient assembly of assassins housed in Braavos
An ancient city, once home to the Targaryens, famous for a certain metal
A fabled instrument that could crack the Wall
The ancient deities that few men in Westeros still worship
A castle at the most eastern point along the Wall
A large island north of Westeros that is said to be inhabited by cannibals
The mercenary company that Daario Naharis was a captain of
The number of 'New Gods' that are worshipped in Westeros
An area famous for great wealth that lies in the southern regions of Skyrim and Westeros
Giants in both Skyrim and Westeros herd these animals
A in northern Skyrim, covered in snow
A small town in the hold of Whiterun, just north of Helgen
Ancient tree that is sacred to worshippers of Kynareth
Group of savages fighting to regain control of The Reach
Those who can become a bloodthirsty wolf at will
The men who go to the highest mountain in Skyrim to study the Thu'um
The warring in Skyrim is mostly a result of the death of
Skyrim is divided into __ holds
They once held Skyrim along with the Dwarves
A Nord man of Dawnstar who (not quite as famously) falls for his Legion Commander, Brina
A castle that serves as home to the Jarl of Whiterun
An alliance of assassins that reside outside Falkreath
Once a prosperous underground city of Dwarves, now crawling with Falmer
A mythical instrument hidden away in Ustengrav
The name of the man that the Nords wish to worship freely
The hold of Skyrim which is governed by Windhelm
A large island north of Skyrim and Morrowind that is still considered wild and untamed
The rebellion army, led by Ulfric
The number of 'Divines' that most people recognize
Though once extinct, these ancient creatures have returned to Essos, and to Skyrim
The Targaryens and the Dovahkiin have this in common

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