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Treaty after the battle of Austerlitz, showed Napoleon had control over continental Europ
Finance minister for Louis XVI
Person who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo
Romantic fairytale writers
Island where Napoleon was executed to
Town where Louis was captured trying to flee France
General assembly of French Estates
Law implemented by Napoleon
Russian emperor Napoleon defeated at Austerlitz
Napoleon's first wife
Wife of Louis XVI from Austria
Alliance of Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia
Russian troops who attacked Napoleon as he retreated
Napoleon's attempt to weaken GB by cutting off their trade
New 'Religion' in France after Revolution
Robespierre wrote this work
Declarations that took away noble privileges and debts
Island Napoleon was executed to a second time, after the 100 days
Forbade import of British goods for French allies- part of continental system
Battle where Napoleon captured Moscow
Had 'defeat by retreat' strategy in battle
System that came into place after Congress of Vienna to maintain European monarchs power, oppose revolution, nationalism, and uphold balance of power
Policy used by Russians, burn villages/land behind them
Napoleons unintentional unification of German states
Coalition after Napoleon was defeated by Nelson- England, Russia, Austria, Turkey, Naples
__________ Coalition- Prussia, Austria, Sweden, England
Restored Catholic church in France
Napoleon's army of 600,000
List of grievances from each estate
Conference to settle peace after Napoleonic wars
Congress of Vienna was ran by?
Monarch at beginning of French Revolution
Famous classical musician
Declarations that enforced the Berlin Decrees
French feminist executed by guillotine
First leader of COPS
Author of 'What is the Third Estate'
Author of 'Reflections on the Revolution in France'
Robespierre's committee
Artist - Oath of the Horatii and the Death of Marat
Jacobin journalist killed in his bathtub
Defeated Napoleon at Trafalgar
Toussaint L'Ouverture led a revolt of what group of people?
Napoleon's final battle
Name for period where Napoleon briefly came back into power
Goya was a _______ artist
In 1802, made Catholicism official religion of France but tolerated others
Prison that was stormed, beginning of Revolution
Third estate organized itself and declared themselves national government of France
Commonly used measurements implemented after French Revolution
Le Chapelier Law banned which organizations?
Signed by the new National Assembly
Wave of killings in Paris
First estate was ________
Second estate was _________
97% of the population made up this estate
French aristocrats who fled during revolution
Regions France was divided into after revolution
Women from a Paris marketplace marched on palace of Versailles over high price and scarcity of bread
Headed by Robespierre- Girondists v. Jacobins, massive amounts of executions
Rank based on merit
Enlightenment Art
Military draft
Romanticism was a reaction against the ________

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