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QUIZ: Can you name the Social History Under the Old Regime?

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Term for government prior to the French Revolution
Laws that dictated how you could dress based on your class
The act of giving all of your land to the firstborn son
Provincial nobility
Labor tax
Prussian nobility
Catherine the Great's document that defined noble privileges
Tax of federal dues on peasants
Forced service in Hapsburg lands
6 days a week labor requirements
English Game laws only allowed this class to hunt
Riots over the price/scarcity of bread
Celebrations to ease tensions of poor
Price bride's family pays to marry her off
Practice among rich women of not nursing their own children
Outright ownership of a property
Fencing in of common lands allowing landlords to consolidate their property and increase production
Goods produced in home by members of a family
Merchant-employers gave materials to cottage workers who made products and returned them to the merchant
Allowed weavers to weave wider fabrics
Machine that allowed 8 or more threads to be spun at once
Most artisans belonged to a ___________
Industries that occurred in homes
Invented seed drill
Made and sold pottery to mimic the Queen's, father of consumerism
Created wood etchings, social commentary
Invented steam engine in 1769
Peasant revolt in Russia
This invention changed the course of social history

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