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QUIZ: Can you name the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment?

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Wrote 'On the Revolution of Heavenly Spheres'
Copernicus and the ________ universe
Came up with groundwork for Kepler
Kepler disproved this theory
Law discovered by Kepler
Wrote 'Starry Messenger' and proved Copernicus right
Organization that Galileo conflicted with
Wrote 'Principia'
Newton created this sect of math
English physician who studied circulatory system
Flemish physician who studied anatomy and disproved Galen
Dutch biologist who studied microorganisms
Developed scientific method and empiricism
Hobbes' famous work
Belived humans are nasty, brutish, and naturally in a state of war
Hobbes wanted this type of government
Came up with 'tabula rasa' concept
Locke's ideas influenced the constitution of which country?
Greek physician, four humors
Atheist who wrote Encyclopedia
Wrote 'Common Sense' and 'The Rights of Man'
Father of capitalism
Adam Smith's famous work
Believed in man as the 'noble savage', must conform to the general will
Believed people born with concepts and connect them with experience and reason
Checks and Balances, separation of powers
Wrote 'A Vindication on the Rights of Women'
Author of the first modern novel
Political activist in French revolution and contemporary of Wollstonecraft
Developed idea of geocentricity
Wrote about crime and reform of the justice system
German astronomer who originally had most of her ideas credited to her husband
Famous female scientist
___________'s Wager
Poet who translated 'Homer'
Irish, one of the first novelists
Reasoning style where one starts with a concept to deduce specific facts
Drawing generalizations from observation and testing hypotheses against observations
The idea that there can only be debate and reasoning over things that can be captured or observed
French economic reformers who believed governments needed to protect property and advocated for agriculture
Idea that government should play a limited role in the economy
'Secret' society that met to discuss secular ideas
Religion where god is thought to be a 'divine clockmaker'
David Hume and Denis Diderot followed this religious philosophy
Moral principals that guide human conduct
English institution for the sharing of scientific ideas
People who did not believe in religion or though it only existed through reason

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