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Italian Renaissance painter
Painted 'School of Athens'
Northern Renaissance painter, propagandist, satire, religious art
Brunelleschi's assistant
Epitomized Renaissance man, architect of Santa Maria Novella
First to circumnavigate globe
Used linguistic analysis to prove donation of Constantine false
First Medici Ruler
Most famous playwright during Renaissance
'Discovered' Americas in 1492
Philosophy that focused on potential of humanity and striving for idealism
This first appeared in art that made it look 3D
Right to a person's labor
Paid soldiers contracted by the Italian city states
Wars for English throne between the Lancaster's and the York's
Concordat that allowed separation of church and state
Medici pope during sack of Rome
Clement VII wouldn't grant a divorce to?
Author of 'The Prince'
Northern Renaissance painter and engraver (German)
HRE that helped expel France from Italy
Early humanist, 'godfather' of humanism
Humanist contemporary of Petrarch
Behind bonfire of the vanities
Painted the Sistine Chapel
Author of 'Don Quixote'
Author 'Book of the Courtier'
Tool used by sailors to determine time given latitude
Civic virtues or duties by citizens
First sailor around Cape of Good Hope
German bankers
Renaissance artist, scientist, inventor, 'Mona Lisa'
Painter of 'Children's Games', northern Renaissance
Caused the sack of Rome
Most powerful family in Florence
Borja Pope
Pope who was patron of the arts
Ferdinand and Isabella ruled where?
Duomo architect
Person in royal court as an advisor to monarch
First accurate modern historian
Ruled Florence in high Renaissance, patron of arts
Medici pope, rebuilt St. Peter's
Author 'Utopia'
Invented printing press
Early church critic, influenced Martin Luther
Treaty that divided New World between Spain and Portugal
Spanish Renaissance painter
Portugese patron of exploration
Italian Renaissance sculptor from Florence
Economic system, collect bullion
Spanish conquerers
Exchange of agriculture, livestock, disease, ideas, between Europe and New World
Spoken language
Court used to try and convict Tudors
Painted 'Birth of Venus' and 'La Primavera'
Jan Van _____
Explorer of New world that wiped out Aztecs
Gold and silver mined from Spain
First to reach India by sea
Treaty of Italian city states to ally against outside attack
Author of 'Divine Comedy'

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