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Can you name the Protestant Reformation and Wars of Religion?

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Simony and nepotism were part of this system
Favoritism based on family relations
Buying or selling of church offices
Leader of protestant reformation
Martin Luther's cartoonist
Pope who rebuilt St. Peter's basilica
Translated the bible into English
Pope Martin Luther wrote the 95 Theses against
Document that excommunicated Luther
Group of priests who wanted reform
Reformist nuns
Posted 95 Theses in this town
HRE after Maximilian I, assisted reformation
Catholic reformer executed for heresy and defended by Luther
Diet where Martin Luther was told to recant
Most famous seller of indulgences
Reform movement within Catholic church
League of German Princes that allied against Catholic church
Swiss reformation leader
Religion that rejected infant baptism
Reformer who believed in predestination
Decree that allowed German princes to choose the religion of their territory (1555)
Against English protestantism
Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boelyn
Act that declared Henry VIII head of church in England
Act that enacted 'Book of Common Prayer'
Ignatius of Loyola began this order
Jesuits helped Catholic church in the Counter ___________
This council reaffirmed church doctrine and cracked down on Catholic corruption
Revolt inspired by Luther but denounced by him
Swiss counties
Catholic reformers, mainly in France
German states unite in times of crisis (system)
Protestant union of north Netherland provinces
Said 'Paris is worth a mass' and passed Edict of Nantes in France
Ruler who remained neutral in religious affairs (Elizabeth I)
Devout Catholic family after the French throne
League of radical Catholics in Paris
Spanish king during Spanish Armada
Sent to keep Turks in Mediterranean in check
Calvinist who helped get Netherlands independent from Spain
Regent for Charles IV
This edict gave protestants greater freedom of worship in France
Advisor to Elizabeth I
Pirate/seaman for Elizabeth
Made Calvinism illegal and demanded Catholics get back lost lands
'Fire and Charge' battle strategy during swedish phase
Biggest winner of 30 year's war
Biggest losers of 30 year's war
Peace where Calvinists gain recognition and protection, first real map of Europe is drawn
Castle where Philip II lived
Scottish reformer who spoke against Bloody Mary
Phillip II's reign of terror in Netherlands where he had heretics executed
Latin Bible
Index of banned books
Plot to kill Elizabeth
Papers that could be bought that guaranteed you heaven
French Protestants
Catholic church's attempt to stop and kill heretics

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