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Puritan rule of English Parliament
Law that prohibited Catholics and non-Anglicans from holding office in England
Buying nobility (Stuarts)
Act that required English nobles to swear against transubstanciation
Prussian nobility
Russian nobility
People Louis XIV appointed to run bureaucracy around nobles
Land grants to appoint viceroy in new world
First national bank, invested in mercantilism
Hungarian nobility/territorial princes
Declaration of parliament's rights against the king
Economic system of time, attempted to get bullion based on the belief the economy is finite
Raison d'etat means_______
Sanction that secured Maria Teresa as the Austrian monarch
Louis XIV divine right theorist
Treaty that ended the war of Spanish Sucession
Ended the 30 Year's War
Treaty that ended the Seven Year's War
All Polish princes had to agree, one vote could stop
War for control of Silesia
War caused by trade and British expansion (GB and Prussia v. Austria and France)
Parliament picked Germans from bloodline to rule- George I
Ruling dynasty of England
Ruling dynasty of France, Louis XIV
Puritan who took over parliament after English Civil War
Austrian Hapsburg who came into power after the pragmatic sanction
Ruling dynasty of Austria/Hungary
Enlightenment thinker- natural rights of life, liberty, property
War of _______ Ear
Rebellion of French Nobles
Document that stated parliament's rights to the king
War Peter the Great fought against Sweden for a port
Belief that a monarch was sent from God
Set out list of liberties the king could not infringe on ini England
Art style of Louis and other divine right monarchs
3 week parliament Charles I was forced to call because he needed money for wars
Parliament from 1640-1660 passed financial bills
Tactic Charles I used to get money without going through parliament
King's supporters in English civil war
Parliament supporters in Eng. Civil War
Name for period of rule under Cromwell
Who was restored to the throne after Cromwell?
Enlightened ____________
Settled dispute over throne in 1701, no Catholic could inherit
Alliances that shifted to keep balance of power
Leader of Netherlands when they joined together to protect from outside attack
Russian palace guards
Spanish system, trade only within colonial sphere
English acts that prohibited trade with any other country or their colonies
Part of triangular trade where slaves sent to New World
Act of parliament that forbade joint-stock companies
French company that monopolized in New World
Monarch taken down in Glorious Rev- thought to be pro-Catholic and pro-French
Appointed to English throne in Glorious Rev., from the Netherlands
Louis XIII's chief minister
Enlightened despot of Prussia
Enlightened despot of Russia
Son of Mary Queen of Scots, succeeded Elizabeth
Louis XIV's advisor
Prime minister of England
Dutch painter of middle class life
Louis XIV minister of finace
Regent for Louis XV, believed money is only a means of exchange and didn't constitute wealth
HRE who was a proponent of enlightened absolutism
Father of Frederick the Great, centralized and improved Prussia
Westernized Russia
Division of Poland after war of Polish Succession
Battle where Turks stopped invading Christian world

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