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English VerbSpanish Verb
to be in the habit of
to go
to fly
to rise
to manage
to turn around, inside out
to fake
to allow, permit
to laugh
to demand
to shut in, lock up
to translate
to argue, quarrel, scold
to want
to give credit to
to boil
to know facts
to prefer
to defeat, beat, overcome
to obey
to strike, light
to die
to acquire
to cross
to reduce
to remember
to solve
to lie
to have lunch
to see
to serve
to know people and places
to press, push, squeeze, tighten
to cool, to catch a cold
to appear
to build
to drive
to deduce
to defend
to follow
English VerbSpanish Verb
to say
to lose
to confess
to repeat
to think
to ask for
to exercise
to belong
to meet
to snap, break
to close
to require
to go to bed, lay down
to renew
to detest
to destroy
to start
to show
to prevent, block
to lack
to give
to satisfy
to say goodbye to
to fit
to move (emotionally)
to establish
to convert
to wake up
to return (an object)
to replace
to hurt
to play
to feel
to conclude
to have fun
to smile
to sit
to remain
to undo
to fall
English VerbSpanish Verb
to sleep
to count
to influence
to move (objects)
to cook, boil, bake
to appreciate
to govern
to shudder
to thunder
to snow
to flee
to rain
to refer
to warn, advise
to pay attention to
to deserve
to guess correctly
to smell
to understand
to groan, whine
to pick up
to graduate
to do
to disappear
to guide, lead
to distribute
to freeze
to spy on
to be able to
to protect
to convince
to choose
to include
to upset
to rent/lease
to bury
to offer
to cost
to act

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