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Can you name the main components of the Endocrine System?

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DescriptionEndocrine System componentGlandular Location or Disease Cause
Master Gland:
Gland with hormones: PRL, FSH, ACTH, GH, TSH (TH), LH, ICSH
Gland with hormones: Mineralocorticoids, Estrogen, Testosterone, Glucocorticoid
Gland with hormones: (T4,T3), Calcitonin
Gland with hormones: Progesterone, Estrogen
Gland with hormone Melatonin
'Gland' with hormones: hCG, Estrogen, Progesterone
'Gland' with hormones: Insulin, Glucagon
Gland with hormones: Testosterone (Androgen)
Hormones made by hypothalamus (Oxytocin, ADH) are stored in:
Gland with hormone Thymosin
Gland with hormones: Epinephrine, Norepinephrine
Gland with hormone PTH
Hormones are delivered VIA:
To be a target cell, the cell membrane must have a...
Stimulus type where another hormone stimulates a gland
Stimulus type where a nerve fiber sends a signal to a gland
Stimulus type where increasing or decreasing levels of minerals (etc) in blood
Type of feedback that controls hormones:
Hormone Target (HT): Ovaries; triggers ovulation & production of estrogen and progesterone
HT: All cells; increases ability of cells to take in glucose
HT: Breasts (women)--stimulates milk production
HT: T-lymphocites (white blood cells), 'programs' the T-cells
HT: Sympathetic Nervous System (mostly), increase in heart rate & BP levels, Glucose and Oxygen intake increase
HT: Osteoclasts/ Kidney Tubules; releases calcium into blood & makes kidneys absorb Calcium
HT: Liver, makes liver break down glycogen and release glucose into blood
HT: Testes (men), stimulates cells to produce testosterone
HT: Blood, causes calcium to be deposited into bones
DescriptionEndocrine System componentGlandular Location or Disease Cause
HT: Hypothalamus, sleepiness due to light cycles
HT: corpus luteum & ovaries, stimulates production of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy
HT: uterus & breasts, muscle contractions in uterus and milk ejection in breasts
HT: Thyroid; directs thyroid activity
HT: All cells (esp. bone & muscle), causes cell growth & division
HT: Adrenal Cortex; regulates its activity
HT: Uterus, menstrual cycle & maintaining pregnancy
HT: All cells, metabolism (controls glucose-burning rate)
HT: All cells; metabolism & long-term stress, INHIBITS prostoglandinss
HT: Kidney Tubules, regulates water and electrolyte levels (kidneys retain sodium)
HT: Kidneys, makes kidneys reabsorb water (increasing BP)
HT: Ovaries / Testes, develop eggs for ovulation and produce estrogen (female), sperm development (male)
HT: Uterus, menstrual cycle, quiets uterus muscles to keep pregnancy
HT: Various areas of body, hair growth, sex drive, sperm development
Symptoms: Extreme hunger & thirst, weight loss, frequent urination
Symptoms: proportional shortness
Symptoms: tiredness, weight loss, nauseousness, salt cravings
Symptoms: Excessive height
Symptoms: extreme anxiety & irritability, restlessness, bulging eyes
Symptoms: weight loss, fatigue, high blood sugar and BP, fatty tissue deposits
Symptoms: short legs (compared to torso and head), low mental development
Symptoms: Infertility
Symptoms: Extreme thirst, frequent urination, (AT OLDER AGE)
Symptoms: swelling of hands face & feet, swelling
Symptoms: slightly swollen neck, fatigue, mentally sluggish
Symptoms: obesity, physical & mental sluggishness, dry skin, puffy face
Symptoms: enlarged thyroid gland
Symptoms: salt cravings, premature sexual development

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