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Can you name the members of Hooshir?

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Forced Order
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The musical director of the group; Jewish; 'Thank you so much'
Has never introduced a song; Can You Feel the Love soloist; Kiss the Girl dynamic fiend
Fierce alto; One of the Gaga soloists; Catholic; Wearer of scarf
Almost criminal #1; Chai Note #1 Fan; Blonde; Close friend with Gusty Winds
Firey tenor; Oklahoma native; For the Longest Time soloist; Harmonizing maniac
Beard expert; Jewish; Has been known to sleep in closets
Viva La Vida soloist; 'We're the three best friends that anyone could have'
Receiver of Straight Lessons 101; Wine connoisseur; Almost Criminal #2
Happy go lucky star of sunshine; Soprano; 'That's a lot of dollars'
MinnesOOOta lady; KD; Soprano;
Beat boxing extremeist; A true Survivor; Future BFA; Owner of Pearl; 'There are places I remember-er-her'
Webmaster; Geek; Freak; Kinda talented; Mean friend; Bass; Enough said; Gusty Winds: ''
Man of many words; Loses more items in an hour than most do in a lifetime; Allergic to haircuts...we think; Bass
Choreographer; Alto; Has a boyfriend who loves her, but not as much as she loves Hooshir; 'MAKE OUT! MAKE OUT!'
Alto; Gaga Soloist; Loves Israel x10; Owns Buffa Louie's; Miss Congeniality
Has lived in every country on the planet Earth; Only member to have a hyphenated name..hmmmm; Tenor...yet a woman; MVP
Went to high school with Carrie Underwood and Hanson...and Jesus too, I think; Hair from God; Israeli; Senior
Soprano; Laugh that erupts at the drop of a pin; Single handedly doubled the group's size
Business manager; Mima'amakim soloist; Our hero in uniform; Naked with hat
FUNdraising chair; 'You'll all be reimbursed'; GDI; Ten Fingers champion with Almost Criminal #2
Phi Mu; Best Imitation of a Jewish Mother from NYC; The Snookie of Hooshir; Inventor of the Snuggie blanket; Celebrity on CollegeACB ;)

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