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Can you name the Mortal Kombat Deception Characters?

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Male Black Dragon recruit who desires to test his fighting skills on live opponents
Rescued Outworld warrior previously trapped in a corpse
Tarkatan clone of princess Kitana
'Chosen One' of the Elder Gods, Dragon King's pawn
Tarkatan military leader
Guardsman from the Realm of Order
Respected Trainer leading Outworld's army against the Tarkata
Queen of Edenia and mother of Kitana
Cleric of Chaos who seeks to spread it throughout the realms
Former Seidan Guardsman, Mercenary
Subterranean four-armed prince (GameCube only)
Edenian traitor allied with the Dragon King
Netherrealm Demon who seeks to escape with a holy sword
Lin Kuei Grand Master who manipulates the cold
Leader of the Revolution in the Realm of Order
Thunder God Protector of Earthrealm
Brotherhood of Shadow Warrior and Cyborg team
Reanimated Earthrealm Champion of Mortal Kombat
Dragon King
Ninja enemy of Quan Chi, resides in the Netherrealm
Blind Psychic Earthrealm Warrior
Edenian warrior ally to the Queen
An amalgam of warriors' souls freed by the blind warrior
Shaman who foresaw the coming of the Dragon King
Leader of the Black Dragon who barely survived a Red Dragon ambush
Female recruit of the new Black Dragon
Outworld Emperor (GameCube only)

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