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Can you name the last player at each position on each NBA team's depth chart?

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Boston CelticsPG (3rd)
Boston CelticsSG (3rd)
Boston CelticsSF (3rd)
Boston CelticsPF (3rd)
Boston CelticsC (2nd)
New Jersey NetsPG (4th)
New Jersey NetsSG (3rd)
New Jersey NetsSF (3rd)
New Jersey NetsPF (2nd)
New Jersey NetsC (3rd)
New York KnicksPG (4th)
New York KnicksSG (2nd)
New York KnicksSF (4th)
New York KnicksPF (3rd)
New York KnicksC (2nd)
Philadelphia 76ersPG (3rd)
Philadelphia 76ersSG (2nd)
Philadelphia 76ersSF (3rd)
Philadelphia 76ersPF (4th)
Philadelphia 76ersC (3rd)
Toronto RaptorsPG (2nd)
Toronto RaptorsSG (2nd)
Toronto RaptorsSF (4th)
Toronto RaptorsPF (4th)
Toronto RaptorsC (3rd)
Chicago BullsPG (3rd)
Chicago BullsSG (4th)
Chicago BullsSF (2nd)
Chicago BullsPF (3rd)
Chicago BullsC (3rd)
Cleveland CavaliersPG (2nd)
Cleveland CavaliersSG (3rd)
Cleveland CavaliersSF (3rd)
Cleveland CavaliersPF (4th)
Cleveland CavaliersC (3rd)
Detroit PistonsPG (4th)
Detroit PistonsSG (2nd)
Detroit PistonsSF (3rd)
Detroit PistonsPF (4th)
Detroit PistonsC (2nd)
Indiana PacersPG (3rd)
Indiana PacersSG (4th)
Indiana PacersSF (2nd)
Indiana PacersPF (3rd)
Indiana PacersC (3rd)
Milwaukee BucksPG (3rd)
Milwaukee BucksSG (3rd)
Milwaukee BucksSF (2nd)
Milwaukee BucksPF (4th)
Milwaukee BucksC (3rd)
Atlanta HawksPG (2nd)
Atlanta HawksSG (1st)
Atlanta HawksSF (3rd)
Atlanta HawksPF (2nd)
Atlanta HawksC (2nd)
Charlotte BobcatsPG (2nd)
Charlotte BobcatsSG (3rd)
Charlotte BobcatsSF (3rd)
Charlotte BobcatsPF (4th)
Charlotte BobcatsC (3rd)
Miami HeatPG (2nd)
Miami HeatSG (3rd)
Miami HeatSF (2nd)
Miami HeatPF (3rd)
Miami HeatC (5th)
Orlando MagicPG (3rd)
Orlando MagicSG (2nd)
Orlando MagicSF (3rd)
Orlando MagicPF (3rd)
Orlando MagicC (2nd)
Washington WizardsPG (2nd)
Washington WizardsSG (3rd)
Washington WizardsSF (4th)
Washington WizardsPF (4th)
Washington WizardsC (2nd)
Golden State WarriorsPG (3rd)
Golden State WarriorsSG (3rd)
Golden State WarriorsSF (3rd)
Golden State WarriorsPF (2nd)
Golden State WarriorsC (3rd)
Los Angeles ClippersPG (2nd)
Los Angeles ClippersSG (3rd)
Los Angeles ClippersSF (3rd)
Los Angeles ClippersPF (4th)
Los Angeles ClippersC (2nd)
Los Angeles LakersPG (2nd)
Los Angeles LakersSG (3rd)
Los Angeles LakersSF (4th)
Los Angeles LakersPF (3rd)
Los Angeles LakersC (3rd)
Phoenix SunsPG (3rd)
Phoenix SunsSG (3rd)
Phoenix SunsSF (2nd)
Phoenix SunsPF (3rd)
Phoenix SunsC (3rd)
Sacramento KingsPG (2nd)
Sacramento KingsSG (2nd)
Sacramento KingsSF (4th)
Sacramento KingsPF (4th)
Sacramento KingsC (1st)
Dallas MavericksPG (2nd)
Dallas MavericksSG (5th)
Dallas MavericksSF (3rd)
Dallas MavericksPF (3rd)
Dallas MavericksC (2nd)
Houston RocketsPG (2nd)
Houston RocketsSG (2nd)
Houston RocketsSF (3rd)
Houston RocketsPF (4th)
Houston RocketsC (3rd)
Memphis GrizzliesPG (3rd)
Memphis GrizzliesSG (3rd)
Memphis GrizzliesSF (3rd)
Memphis GrizzliesPF (3rd)
Memphis GrizzliesC (2nd)
New Orleans HornetsPG (3rd)
New Orleans HornetsSG (2nd)
New Orleans HornetsSF (3rd)
New Orleans HornetsPF (3rd)
New Orleans HornetsC (4th)
San Antonio SpursPG (3rd)
San Antonio SpursSG (3rd)
San Antonio SpursSF (4th)
San Antonio SpursPF (2nd)
San Antonio SpursC (3rd)
Denver NuggetsPG (2nd)
Denver NuggetsSG (3rd)
Denver NuggetsSF (2nd)
Denver NuggetsPF (3rd)
Denver NuggetsC (4th)
Minnesota TimberwolvesPG (3rd)
Minnesota TimberwolvesSG (2nd)
Minnesota TimberwolvesSF (3rd)
Minnesota TimberwolvesPF (3rd)
Minnesota TimberwolvesC (2nd)
Oklahoma City ThunderPG (3rd)
Oklahoma City ThunderSG (4th)
Oklahoma City ThunderSF (2nd)
Oklahoma City ThunderPF (2nd)
Oklahoma City ThunderC (4th)
Portland Trail BlazersPG (3rd)
Portland Trail BlazersSG (4th)
Portland Trail BlazersSF (3rd)
Portland Trail BlazersPF (2nd)
Portland Trail BlazersC (3rd)
Utah JazzPG (3rd)
Utah JazzSG (2nd)
Utah JazzSF (3rd)
Utah JazzPF (3rd)
Utah JazzC (3rd)

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