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Can you name the Oscar nominated actors and actresses who died before turning 50?

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LifespanActorNominations and wins
Nom: The Letter (1929)1890-1929 (heroin overdose)
Win: In Old Chicago (1938) - Nom: My Man Godfrey (1937)1892-1939 (cancer)
Nom: My Man Godfrey (1937)1908-1942 (plane crash)
Nom: One Night of Love (1935)1898-1947 (plane crash)
Nom: Four Daughters (1939), Body and Soul (1948)1913-1952 (coronary thrombosis)
Nom: Random Harvest (1943)1921-1952 (kidney disease and starvation)
Nom: East of Eden (1956), Giant (1957)1931-1955 (car crash)
Nom: Broken Arrow (1951)1918-1961 (complications from surgery)
Win: Born Yesterday (1951)1921-1965 (breast cancer)
Nom: Carmen Jones (1955)1922-1965 (drug overdose)
Nom: The Search (1949), A Place in the Sun (1952), From Here to Eternity (1954), Judgment at Nuremberg (1962)1920-1966 (coronary occlusion)
Nom: Twilight of Honor (1964)1931-1968 (drug overdose)
Nom: A Star is Born (1955), Judgment at Nuremberg (1962)1922-1969 (drug overdose)
Nom: Shane (1954)1942-1972 (car crash)
Nom: The Reivers (1970)1927-1973 (lung cancer)
Nom: Ship of Fools (1966)1934-1973 (chondrodystrophy)
LifespanActorNominations and wins
Nom: Room at the Top (1960)1928-1973 (stomach cancer)
Nom: Captain Newman, M.D. (1964)1936-1973 (complications from heart surgery)
Nom: Sons and Lovers (1961)1933-1975 (drug overdose)
Nom: Rebel Without a Cause (1956), Exodus (1961)1939-1976 (stabbed)
Nom: The Moon is Blue (1954)1929-1978 (suicide by overdose)
Nom: Rebel Without a Cause (1956), Splendor in the Grass (1962), Love with the Proper Stranger (1964)1938-1981 (drowned)
Nom: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1963)1938-1982 (heart attack)
Nom: Only When I Laugh (1982)1934-1983 (ovarian cancer)
Nom: A Patch of Blue (1966)1943-1987 (suicide by jumping)
Nom: Fiddler on the Roof (1972)1938-1988 (AIDS)
Nom: Running on Empty (1989)1970-1993 (drug overdose)
Nom: Il postino (1996)1953-1994 (heart attack)
Nom: Ragtime (1982)1950-1996 (AIDS-related lymphoma)
Win: The Dark Knight (2009) - Nom: Brokeback Mountain (2006)1979-2008 (drug overdose)
Win: Capote (2006) - Nom: Charlie Wilson's War (2008), Doubt (2009), The Master (2013)1967-2014 (drug intoxication)

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