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What kind of law does Charlie claim to be an expert in?
What self-sustaining economy do Mac and Dennis model Paddy's off of?
What drug do Dee and Dennis accidentally get addicted to while trying to fake an addiction to it?
How much were they willing to pay for 'one' of that drug?
Who do Mac and Dennis decide to hunt?
What product idea does the lawyer steal from Charlie?
What was Charlie's mom's profession?
What band name did Frank want for his, Mac, and Charlie's band?
When the gang kidnaps the newspaper reporter's neighbor's cat, what disease do they find out it has?
When the gang assigns roles, what role does Charlie get?
What does Charlie go all over everybody's ass?
What contest did the gang get banned from for poisoning their opponent?
What was Dee's nickname in school?
Which character looked like a registered sex offender?
Prior to Frank's intervention, what game does Charlie admit to miss playing with Frank?

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