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QUIZ: Can you name the Guess the Batman Villians?

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Real NameVillainPowers/Abilities
Harvey Dentnone
Oswald Cobblepotnone
Not (officially) revealednone. knows how to use guns and knives.
Edward Nigmavery smart
Selina Kyleagile. uses whip.
Pamela Isleycan control plant life
Dr. Thomas Elliotskilled surgeon. good combatant
Dr. Kirk Langstromcan fly
Roman Sionisnone
Several different peoplecan transform appearance and change voice
Dr. Jonathan Craneuses toxic gases to induce fear and/or hallucinations
Floyd Lawtonexcellent marksman and combatant
uses itincredibly strong. very smart tactician
Real NameVillainPowers/Abilities
uses itskilled with sword
Victor Friesuses gun that can freeze things
Dr. Harleen Quinzelnone
Jervis Tetchuses hats to control people's minds
uses ituses knives to kill or injure people
Waylon Jonesstrong brute strength
uses itvery smart psychologist
Arnold Weskerpuppet uses gun
Warren Whitebrute strength
uses itnone. possibly the Devil himself.
Julian Daynone
Jason Toddhighly skilled acrobat and combatant.

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