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Can you name the Neck Muscles involved in extension?

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Forced Order
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Splenius Cervicis Insertion
Multifidus Origin
Iliocostalis Cervicis Insertion
Longissimus Capitis Origin
Spinalis Cervicis Origin
Splenius Capitis Origin
Obliquus Capitis Superior Insertion
Longissimus Cervicis Origin
Obliquus Capitis Superior Origin
Semispinalis Capitis Insertion
Rectus Capitis Posterior Major Insertion
Splenius Capitis Insertion
Rectus Capitis Posterior Major Origin
Interspinalis Cervicis Insertion
Semispinalis Cervicis Insertion
Splenius Cervicis Origin
Semispinalis Cervicis Origin
Semispinalis Capitis Origin
Spinalis Cervicis Insertion
Longissimus Cervicis Insertion
Interspinalis Cervicis Origin
Iliocostalis Cervicis Origin
Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor Origin
Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor Insertion
Multifidus Insertion
Longissimus Capitis Insertion

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