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Can you name the movies that are set, at least partially, in each calendar month?

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On January 1, 1976, the heavyweight champion fights a 15-round bout against a Philadelphia debt-collector.JAN
A TV weatherman is forced to live February 2nd over in over in Punxatawney, PA.FEB
Federal marshals lose their suspect in the Chicago St. Patrick's Day parade.MAR
A young couple fall in love on a doomed voyage across the Atlantic in April of 1912.APR
It's May 28, 1976, and a Texas high school is out for summer. Let the hazing begin.MAY
Twenty-two people's lives are changed by events at the Ambassador hotel on June 5, 1968.JUN
An ex-scientist and a marine attempt to save the world from alien destruction on the 4th of July.JUL
A man working at a motel in the Catskills decides to start a music festival in the summer of 1969.AUG
The passengers of a plane bound for San Francisco attempt to resist a terrorist attack in September, 2001.SEP
A young boy befriends a visitor from another world, then takes him trick-or-treating.OCT
Two men find alternative means of transportation on their way from New York to Chicago for Thanksgiving.NOV
A suicidal businessman spends Christmas night examining the effect his life had on others with the help of an angel.DEC

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