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Can you name the significant events in the life of Late Show host David Letterman?

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What is...AnswerYear
...the Indiana city in which Dave was born?1947
...the Muncie, IN, university Dave attended?1965-1969
...the ABC sports show, hosted by Jim McKay, that Dave worked for, as a pit road reporter?1971
...the TV show, starring Jimmie Walker, for which Dave did some writing?1974
...the late night talk show on which Dave started making regular appearances?1978
...the name of its host, whom Dave eventually started subbing for with some regularity (and who reportedly submitted jokes to Dave after retiring)?1979
...the name of Dave's morning show, which aired for a few months before being cancelled?1980
...the name of the host of 'The Tomorrow Show,' who was forced off the air, and whose time slot eventually went to Dave?1981
...the hour (in eastern standard time) that 'Late Night,' debuted?1982
...the name of Dave's bumbling assistant, played by Calvert DeForest?1982
...the segment that came with Dave from his morning show, which featured, for example, a dog that could sneeze on command?1982
...the name of Dave's first guest, who had recently starred in the Ivan Reitman film, Stripes?1982
...the name of the guest who is said to have staged a slapdown with wrestler Jerry Lawler, while in a neck brace?1982
...the segment that debuted with 'things that almost rhyme with peas.'1985
...the name of singer who had to be bleeped during a spat with Dave, and who reunited with her ex-husband for a duet on 'Late Night' a year later?1986-1987
...the name of the guest who nearly kicked Dave in the head while wearing platform shoes?1987
...the talk show host whose battle with Dave would later be chronicled in the made-for-TV-movie 'Late Shift'?1992
What is...AnswerYear
...the network to which Dave moved in order to star in 'Late Show'?1993
...the song Bruce Springsteen played as the last musical guest on 'Late Night'?1993
...the name of the TV host for which the theater in which Dave's newly renovated studio was named?1993
...the Adam Resnick film in which Dave appears as 'Old Salt in Fishing Village' and is credited as Earl Hofert?1994
...the name of the guest who asked Dave if he knew it was 'good to pee in the shower'?1994
...the name of the guest who bared her breasts to Dave on his 48th birthday?1995
...the awards show dave hosted...once.1995
...the type of surgery Dave underwent, during which he invited a number of guest hosts to the show?2000
...the first of Dave's guest hosts, who, out of respect, sat on the couch instead of Dave's chair?2000
...the name of the late musician who gave his final performance on 'Late Night,' in an episode in which he was the only featured guest for the entire hour?2002
...the name of Dave's son (and dad).2003
...the name of the daytime talk show host who made her first 'Late Night' appearance just prior to the opening night of The Color Purple on Broadway?2005
...Dave's production company, which struck an interim agreement with the WGA in order to help end a nearly 4-month writers' strike?2007-2008
...the name of the presidential candidate who stood Dave up in September, only to return in October--to a ratings landslide.2008
...the name of the late comedian whose routine Dave excised from a 1993 show, only to air it in his memory over 15 years later.2009
...the name of the woman to whom Dave was married, after they had dated for 13 years?2009
...the name of the news producer accused of attempting to extort Dave?2009

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