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Can you name the movie titles that are complete sentences?

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Woody Allen, Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts croon, we cringe.
Bob Hoskins is teamed with a Toon to solve a murder.
Jeff Garlin directs himself in this comedy of losers.
Al Franken brings his 12-step SNL character to the big screen.
Martin Scorsese's flick about a singer-turned-waitress introduced us to Mel's diner.
A collection of short films about the city of love, directed by the Coens, Cuaron and Craven, among les autres.
Heath Ledger, Cate Blanchett, Richard Gere, and a few others, play 'Bob Dylan'.
Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor brought their marital woes to the movies in this adaptation of an Albee play.
The Love Bug goes to Mexico (not crazy)!
The legends of comedy race after big money in this 1963 road flick.
Kevin Bacon got Elizabeth McGovern pregnant, and now...
Bogdanovich directs Streisand in this 1972 screwball comedy (which is Bugs Bunny's catch phrase).
Uma Thurman hitches for a ride in the adaptation of a Tom Robbins novel.
Jack and Keanu fight over Diane Keaton?
Alien visitors aren't so friendly in this Tim Burton flick.
This James Cain noir novel about a woman and a drifter plotting to kill her Greek husband has been filmed twice.
Tim Robbins chronicles Orson Welles historic Broadway production.
A young Michael Landon grows hair at the full moon.
A 1953 sci-fi classic from a story by Ray Bradbury.
The Sondheim musical about ancient Rome was filmed with Zero Mostel as Pseudolus.
Steve Martin stars in this film noir parody directed by Carl Reiner.
A teen-aged Christina Applegate could get in big trouble while her parents are away.
Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn and Sidney Poitier attend a potentially awkward evening in this groundbreaking film.
Howard Hawks directs Cary Grant in this gender-bending 1949 comedy.
A Taiwanese street vendor in Taipei changes all the clocks to Paris time, so he doesn't have to ask this question.
George C. Scott stars in the film from which the band who sings about Constantinople got its name.

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