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Can you name the lesser-known facts from the Harry Potter film series?

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Name of studio where the films were made
What used to be manufactured there
Made by which company better known for cars
One song composed by John Williams for Sorcerer's Stone was going to be shortened until the producers and director saw it played alongside with the film. Which scene is it
Which film did Chris Columbus produce, but not direct
Which Producer has the company called Heyday Films
Which of his employees read The Sorcerer's Stone first
What was the first film that it was proposed it be split into two?
How many movies was Percy not in
For which movie did Steve Kloves not write the screen play
Who did write it
In which film did Harry’s wand change
Which set did JK Rowling said it looked exactly as she imagined it
Which director wrestled with one of the twins in order to demonstrate how he wanted a scene
What of his was injured as a result
The actors said the Room of Requirement set was very…
Which Gryffindor student character was created for the films
Which Slytherin student became more prominent in the films when Crabbe’s character was removed from the film series
What public place did David Heyman see Daniel Radcliffe before Daniel tried out for the part
What color are Daniel’s eyes
In which movie did the title of the film in the opening sequence turn from gold to silver
What can many Death Eaters do in the last four films that in the seventh book only Voldemort & Snape can do
Which original Quidditch prop was changed most drastically throughout the course of the films
Which Weasley brother did we never meet throughout the eight films
Who was the Production Designer for every film & David Heyman said he brought the world of Harry Potter to life
Did the filmmakers ever try to have Emma Watson have buck teeth like Hermione
Which character other than Draco Malfoy did Tom Felton read lines for
At the end of COS, Jason Isaacs said Danielle ad-libbed a line. What was it
What is the name of the Executive Producer that shares the same last name of one of the main actors
Which character did JK Rowling speak with in confidence while shooting the first film
Which professor was played by an actor/actress that has been given the title of Knight/Dame
Which character originally was not in the script for OOTP, but JK Rowling advised he must be put in
Which actor played three roles
Chris Columbus said he wanted badly to direct the Harry Potter movies. What did he do that endeared him to JK Rowling & David Heyman, and ultimately helped him get the job
What was the first thing JK Rowling said Chris Columbus promised her. (So she felt more comfortable with him being the director.)
What was the second thing
Which director asked Daniel, Emma & Rupert to write essays about their characters & themselves
Who wrote the longest essay
Who didn't turn it in
Which leaves which remaining actor
Whose essay was how many pages
How did Taylor O’Neil refer to the three young actors the first time they were all photographed together

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