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Where are the orphans when they are told their parents are dead?
What does Klaus discover in the ashes of the mansion?
Who lives across from Count Olaf?
Which part of Count Olaf's house are the children never to enter 'under any circumstances'?
How many chores had Count Olaf set for the children, the last being 'prepare dinner'?
What do the children make for dinner?
What time has Count Olaf written and circled on a bookmark, indicating when the train would come?
Who plays the role of Uncle Monty?
Where was Uncle Monty planning on taking the children the next morning?
What is Monty's favourite red and white snake called?
What is the name of Uncle Monty's partner, who Count Olaf strapped to a train?
What is Uncle Monty's profession?
What does 'Stefano' and the 'doctor' blame Uncle Monty's death on?
Which book is Aunt Josephine featured in?
What body of water does Aunt Josephine live above?
What was Aunt Josephine's husband called?
Who is Count Olaf's disguise in this setting?
Where does Aunt Josephine hide after she has written the suicide note?
Which hurricane destroys Aunt Josephine's house?
When the children reach the cave, Aunt Josephine asks if they brought any____?
What did Aunt Josephine eat to attract the Lachrymose Leeches?
What is Count Olaf's play called?
What is Klaus's character in the play?
Which famous actor has a small role in the audience of the play and refuses to give the hook-handed Man his coat?
Where were the Baudelaire parents when they wrote the long lost letter?
The last line of the film is by Lemony Snicket saying the Baudelaires were _________? (3 words)

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