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HintAnswerOther Hint
Cool face asks this.Trolololl
You lost ___ ____.Two words
Psychopathic Duck.Based on Donald the Duck
I'll get that _____ a (something), ______s love (somethings).Derogatory term
An alien is the mascot of this website.Karma
All of your base are ________ to us.Zero Wing
His hat is a symbol of scumbag-ness.One word
Cyanide & _________.Popular web comic
F7U_A number
_____ _____ problems.Unimportant problems, two words
Some men just want to watch the world do this.(No hint here)!
Poptart catFlies through space
Why Not ________?Starts with Z
One does not simply do this...LOTR
This meme is often captioned 'Right to the childhood.'Involves pornography
HintAnswerOther Hint
This superhero simply gives no f*cks.Recaptioned old comic strips
Mother of ___.(No hint here)!
Paula Deen really enjoys eating this.Unhealthy
Socially Awkward _______.Animal
He tells a lot of anti-jokes.Also an animal
This word implies male masturbation.Three letters
When he sees something cool on the internet, he barfs this.Drawing
A stick figure flying away with a jetpack is captioned with this.(No hint here)!
Like a ___.Fancy
All the _____.Generic version
C-C-C-_____ _______.Two words
I herd u liek them.(no hint here)!
He fires his lazer.BLAAAAAARGHH
The power levelDragon Ball Z
He wants you to shut up an take his money.(no hint here)!

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